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Four Windows (Vier Fenster)

Christian Morris Müller | Germany | 2006 | 35mm | 80 min | german | s-t. a

Christian Moris Müller’s probing family drama asks the old question, “Just what do we actually know about the lives of those closest to us?” and answers, “Not very much...” The ...

“four windows” of the title refers not only to four family members – mother , son, father, daughter (none are named but they are superbly played by Margarita Broich, Frank Droese, Thorsten Merten and Theresa Scholze, respectively) – but also the four overlapping chapters Müller’s Berlin-set film uses to illustrate their diverging lives. The father is distracted and distant – his diminished love for his wife and concern for his children have taken a backseat to his own preoccupations. The mother, sensing this, is becoming desperate. She is in competition with her daughter – who is resentful of everyone – while trying to control her son’s life. The son is making his first forays into rough gay sex... Four Windows is ultimately a film about interiority and eschews pat dialogue-based explanations of character “motivation” in favour of the physical craft of acting. First film director, Müller trusts his cast to convey the confusions, secrets, resentments and small thankful moments found in any family through facial expressions, side-long looks and body language more than through inane conversation. Unsettling and poignant, Four Windows is a promising first feature from a director to watch with beautiful cinematography by Jürgen Jürges, who has worked with Haneke, Wenders and Fassbinder.

Also in this program: Outside
sunday 26 nov_17:00 | pgm60 | imperial


Sontag Morgen

Beate Kunath | Germany | 2006 | 35mm | 7 min | german | s-t. a

Intense longing and desire for a past relationship continue to haunt a broken-hearted lover at every sunrise in this hauntingly beautiful film. ...

Also in this program: Night Swimming, Peking Turkey, Moi Pulpe, Sissy Frenchfry, Straight Boys



Natasha Johns-Messenger | Australia | 2006 | vidéo | 15 min | english

A chance encounter with a mysterious stranger uncovers the secret life of a family member is this delightful short from Australia. ...

Also in this program: Electroshock
friday 24 nov_21:00 | pgm45 | de sève


Tan Lines

Ed Aldridge | Autralia | 2006 | vidéo | 96 min | english

“It is said that you, Midget Hollows, were pulled from the ocean itself. Look after your mother, Midget. She caught you and she can throw you back…” And so begins ...

the story of Midget Hollows – teenager, surfer, partier, pervert. Midget and his friends live the quintessential surf grommet existence and now the holidays are here, there’s nothing left to do but go surfing, harass the townsfolk and consume as much weed and booze as they can find. But beneath the surface of this idealistic lifestyle, Midget starts to feel the claustrophobia of small town life. When Cass, the older brother of his best friend arrives back in town after a four-year absence, Midget is instantly attracted to his confidence, his openness about his homosexuality and his graceful surfing ability. Midget and Cass embark on a passionate affair, but in a place where everyone knows everyone else’s business, it isn’t long before the relationship feels the strains of secrecy. Tan Lines features exciting skate and surf action and paints an authentic picture of the dizziness of first-felt emotions. A “gay surf movie,” a “coming-of-age” story, or a punk’s view of teenaged sexuality, Tan Lines is a wild ride full of passion, love, laughs, sex and drugs; all against a backdrop of the ocean in all its different moods. – KS

Also in this program: Gypsies, Tramps & Thieves
friday 24 nov_19:00 | pgm41 | imperial


The Bridge

George Barbakadze | Australia | 2006 | vidéo | 8 min | english

In this award-winning dramatic short, a visa is the only thing standing in the way of a gay couple’s future after they escape persecution in their homeland. ...

Also in this program: Eighteen
tuesday 21 nov_19:15 | pgm25 | imperial


Moi Pulpe

Jenny Chu | Australia | 2004 | vidéo | 9 min | english

Whether it’s a performance for the object of her affections or narcissistic posturing, this highly original short shines with creativity and a healthy dose of chutzpah. ...

Also in this program: Night Swimming, Peking Turkey, Sissy Frenchfry, Sontag Morgen, Straight Boys


Little Fish

Rowan Woods | Australia | 2005 | 35mm | 114 min | english

How do you learn to love again when the pain of the past won’t let you go? Cate Blanchett turns in a deeply vulnerable performance as an ex-drug addict unable ...

to build a new life for herself. An extraordinary supporting cast – including Hugo Weaving, Sam Neill and Dustin Nguyen – expands and shades in her story of addiction and thwarted redemption, creating a cohesive, devastating portrait of people in profound inner pain. Tracy Heart (Blanchett) lives with her mother in Sydney’s predominantly Vietnamese Little Saigon district. She works in a Vietnamese video shop but wants to open her own Internet café. However, she cannot get credit with banks because of her past. At the same time, she cares for her former surrogate dad, Lionel (a remarkable performance by Weaving), a junkie who has recently been cut off by local crime boss Bradley “The Jockey” Thompson (a sinister Neill) who is also Lionel’s long-time, off-and-on lover. Many worlds collide when Tracy’s ex-boyfriend Jonny (Nguyen) comes home to put “one last score” into motion, recruiting her amputee brother Ray (Martin Henderson) in the process. Engrossing and stylish, the cinematographic mood of the film is equally languid and considered, emphasizing the mundane and the manipulative in the addict’s world. As beautiful as it is brutal, Little Fish is an unforgettable film about people trying desperately to make right what has gone so sadly wrong for them in the past. – KS
friday 17 nov_17:00 | pgm02 | imperial


Little Fish

Rowan Woods | Australia | 2005 | 35mm | 114 min | english

How do you learn to love again when the pain of the past won’t let you go? Cate Blanchett turns in a deeply vulnerable performance as an ex-drug addict unable ...

to build a new life for herself. An extraordinary supporting cast – including Hugo Weaving, Sam Neill and Dustin Nguyen – expands and shades in her story of addiction and thwarted redemption, creating a cohesive, devastating portrait of people in profound inner pain. Tracy Heart (Blanchett) lives with her mother in Sydney’s predominantly Vietnamese Little Saigon district. She works in a Vietnamese video shop but wants to open her own Internet café. However, she cannot get credit with banks because of her past. At the same time, she cares for her former surrogate dad, Lionel (a remarkable performance by Weaving), a junkie who has recently been cut off by local crime boss Bradley “The Jockey” Thompson (a sinister Neill) who is also Lionel’s long-time, off-and-on lover. Many worlds collide when Tracy’s ex-boyfriend Jonny (Nguyen) comes home to put “one last score” into motion, recruiting her amputee brother Ray (Martin Henderson) in the process. Engrossing and stylish, the cinematographic mood of the film is equally languid and considered, emphasizing the mundane and the manipulative in the addict’s world. As beautiful as it is brutal, Little Fish is an unforgettable film about people trying desperately to make right what has gone so sadly wrong for them in the past. – KS
friday 24 nov_14:00 | pgm38 | imperial


Whispering Moon (Das Flüstern des Mondes)

Michael Satzinger | Austria | 2006 | vidéo | 97 min | german | s-t. a

Playful, subversive and scintillating, Whispering Moon is a visually stunning new film like nothing you’ve seen before, blending media, narratives and skin to tell an enticing story about storytelling. Jannis ...

and his mute lover, Patrick, are a pair of young techno rebels living in the not-so-distant future, in a world of conspiracy theories and paranoia. They set up surveillance cameras at a circus that may or may not be raising poisonous frogs to kill politicians. Might the frog conspiracy involve Mo, a young woman who lives with the circus and suffers from xeroderma pigmentosis, which forces her to live by night and avoid all ultraviolet light? The delights of Whispering Moon are in how the story is told. The film blends traditional film, digital video, computer graphics and animation, allowing the main character to stop the action and make changes to the story at will. A cavalcade of images pours forth, pulling the story in fascinating new directions. While the film is tantalizingly sexy (who knew the recipe for yogurt could be so hot?), it makes us think about the nature of stories and why we need to share them. As one character comments, “everyone wants to be deceived.” – Frameline

Also in this program: Maggots and Men
wednesday 22 nov_21:15 | pgm31 | imperial



Patrick Carpentier | Belgium | 2006 | vidéo | 56 min | french | s.-t. a

Two men go into the woods to fight. They are lovers. They are brutal. They are tender. They throw punches with the intent to hurt, but they do so willingly ...

and passionately. No one is victorious in these battles. Award-winning director Patrick Carpentier takes us into the very depth of a relationship that is both erotic and disturbing. The viewers are forced to ask themselves: How far would they go to express the true nature of passion? Is it possible to reach the end of desire? How can we let go in a world in which we are taught not to let ourselves be pushed around? At what point do pain and pleasure become one? Above all, Combat is a film about the fear of abandonment and how we act to avoid it, no matter how high the cost. Winner of the Teddy Jury Award at this year's Berlinale Festival, the visually stunning Combat is an emotionally provocative piece that will challenge and reward the viewer in equal measures. – SF

Also in this program: Where We Began
saturday 18 nov_17:30 | pgm10 | imperial



Richard Bell | Canada | 2005 | 35mm | 90 min | english

An unhappy, jaded teenager learns about his grandfather’s equally tumultuous gay past in this stunning sophomore feature from Canadian filmmaker Richard Bell. Having worked wonders with a three-digit budget on ...

the Festival hit Two Brothers (image+ntion 14), Bell amps up the scope (and yes, budget) with this tale of Pip (Paul Anthony), a homeless teenager. On his eighteenth birthday, Pip receives a cassette left to him by his grandfather. On it, his grandfather (Brendan Fletcher, portrayed in voice by Ian McKellen) relates the story of the day he turned eighteen, fleeing German forces through the French woods, a dying comrade (Mark Hildreth) hanging on to him for life. His story sets in motion a journey of self-discovery and personal reflection for Pip as his life parallels that of his grandfather’s. Along Pip’s path he stumbles into an unlikely alliance with Clark (Clarence Sponagle), a gay street hustler on the make, and Jenny (Carly Pope), an aspiring social worker who tempts Pip with feelings of love and domesticity. Pip also forges a trusting relationship with a local priest (Alan Cumming), in whom he confides his deepest secret – the death of his brother and the heinous act his father committed against him the night he died. A fusion of forces and genres: past and present, war and peace, comedy and tragedy, Eighteen covers a lot of ground with confidence and integrity. War is fought on many fronts, but it does have its reprieves.

Also in this program: The Bridge
tuesday 21 nov_19:15 | pgm25 | imperial


La Politique du coeur (Politics of the Heart)

Nancy Nicol | Canada | 2006 | vidéo | 67 min | french

In December 1977, Québec became the first Canadian province to extend human rights protection to gays and lesbians under the Québec Charter of Human Rights. Despite such inclusion however, both ...

overt and subtle discrimination against gays and lesbians persists. Beginning with the disruption of a peaceful demonstration outside Station 25 against police brutality at Sex Garage, Politics of the Heart takes us through the gradual politicization of local gay and lesbian communities and organizations over the next 15 years. It explores the intersection of anti-violence work, and the struggle for adoption, marriage and parental rights, that reflect Québec’s changing social milieu. Nancy Nicol’s documentary reviews our hard-won legal and political battles, focusing particularly on The Civil Union Bill (Bill 84), which passed unanimously in the Québec National Assembly in June 2002, extending full rights to gay and lesbian parents and their children. It features an emotionally revealing interview with Québec’s former Minister of Justice Paul Begin, as well as moving testimonies from local gay and lesbian activists. Filled with heart-warming and inspiring moments, Politics of the Heart is a deeply satisfying and important document of our shared histories. – BP
sunday 26 nov_13:00 | pgm58 | onf


Books of James

Ho Tam | Canada | 2006 | vidéo | 73 min | english

Almost eight years in the making, Books of James celebrates the life and times of AIDS activist and artist James Wentzy. An experimental montage featuring selections from Wentzy’s prodigious output, ...

including archival footage, artwork, diaries and films, it documents his development from an aspiring artist / darkroom technician to a full-blown AIDS activist from the Larry Kramer School of ACTUP-ism. Director/producer for New York City’s AIDS Community Television and DIVA TV, Wentzy not infrequently turns the camera on himself, delivering a clear-eyed, old-school gospel on activism, life and love, in a post-9/11 world - and questions whether he’s merely a virus. Director Ho Tam’s inventive narrative style complements Wentzy’s intriguing personality, whose Midwestern modesty belies his uncompromising passion for social justice. In Wentzy’s worldview, ‘activists turn careerists’, and ‘community organizations [become] self-perpetuating corporations’ as we revisit hair-raising moments from ACTUP events, including the occupation of the New York Stock Exchange. A must-see for activists past, present and future, Books of James makes us reflect upon our commitment to activism and community building. - BP

Also in this program: Reporter Zero
friday 24 nov_21:00 | pgm44 | onf



Allison Reid | Canada | 2006 | vidéo | 15 min | english

Athena and Lilith want a baby that is a genetic combination of them both. When science fails, Lilith does the unthinkable in the cautionary tale from the not-too-distant future. ...

Also in this program: Puccini For Beginners
wednesday 22 nov_19:00 | pgm30 | imperial



Trevor Anderson | Canada | 2005 | vidéo | 13 min | english

Some things hurt more than they should. A young painter works up the courage to contact the collection agency that’s been hounding him for months and gets embroiled in a ...

more personal confrontation than he bargained for.

Also in this program: Another Gay Movie
monday 20 nov_21:00 | pgm21 | imperial


Peking Turkey

Michael Mew | Cnada | 2006 | vidéo | 13 min | en / fr | s-t. f

Chris Wong takes his Québecois boyfriend homo for the holidays. With the dramatics of three languages (English, French and Chinese) swirling around the Christmas dinner table and a turkey that ...

tastes suspiciously like Peking duck, Pierre tries to make a bond with Chris’s parents and find approval to marry the boy he loves.

Also in this program: Night Swimming, Moi Pulpe, Sissy Frenchfry, Sontag Morgen, Straight Boys


Zero Degrees of Separation

Elle Flanders | Canada | 2005 | vidéo | 89 min | hebrew/arabic | s-t.a

When your lover is most often considered your enemy, your relationship has more at stake than the average affair. Against the backdrop of her Zionist grandparents' sun-drenched home movies from ...

the early days of Israel’s statehood, Elle Flanders paints a starkly contrasting portrait of two unusual couples caught within the current Israeli/Palestinian conflict. Ezra, a Mizrahi Jew, is Israeli; Selim, his gay lover, is Palestinian. Edit and Samira, a lesbian couple, are also negotiating the intricate dance between Jew and Palestinian in today's charged climate. Facing the burden of bringing their respective tribes to the metaphoric marital bed, these couples rise to the challenge with dignity and profound love. Flanders, whose passionate central characters provide unique insight into the lives of queer Israelis and Palestinians, also cares deeply about the current state of affairs in Israel. If her interweaving of archival footage evokes an aching nostalgia for a time when Israel represented a place of liberation, it is coupled with Flanders. awareness that the soil broken by those early immigrants was in dispute. The dissonance between the early family footage, which depicts Jewish American men and women as they optimistically survey the new Jewish State, and the contemporary images of Israeli bulldozers and roadblocks is a beautiful, sad sound that echoes in the mind of the viewer long after the film has ended. A profound and eye opening documentary, Zero Degrees of Separation raises thorny issues with both insight and elegance. – KS
sunday 26 nov_15:00 | pgm59 | onf


Head Case

Jason Ryle | Canada | 2005 | vidéo | 4 min | english

Finding “the One” can be a moving experience. But is it meant to last forever or is it all in your head? ...

Also in this program: Meskanakh (My Path), Demonstration of Indianness #31, Mars-Womb-Man, Memory in Bones, Group of Seven Inches, Nastapa


Meskanakh (My Path)

Kevin Burton | Canada | 2005 | vidéo | 10 min | english / cree

Meskanahk is a video narrative of a young “half-breed” man’s journey off a Cree reserve. This video highlights the motivations that progressed his journey and the questions, regrets and fears ...

raised on his path from childhood to adulthood.

Also in this program: Head Case, Demonstration of Indianness #31, Mars-Womb-Man, Memory in Bones, Group of Seven Inches, Nastapa


Demonstration of Indianness #31

Adam Garnet Jones | Canada | 2006 | vidéo | 3 min | no dialogue

A short experimental film based on old home movies that the artist’s grandfather shot in the 50’s. The film is as much a portrait of a struggle and a declaration ...

of identity, as it is a questioning into the history of documentation and anthropology.

Also in this program: Head Case, Meskanakh (My Path), Mars-Womb-Man, Memory in Bones, Group of Seven Inches, Nastapa



James Diamond | Canada | 2006 | vidéo | 14 min | english

The equal sequel. Man from Venus (super 8, 4min, 1998) meets Mars Womb-Man. ...

Also in this program: Head Case, Meskanakh (My Path), Demonstration of Indianness #31, Memory in Bones, Group of Seven Inches, Nastapa


Memory in Bones

Gail Maurice | Canada | 2005 | vidéo | 3 min | english

“Every step I take is with my ancestors; my memory in my bones – urban and rural live within me – I am who I am, a strong Indian woman. ...

A look at our roots, our culture and how it makes us or influences us in day-to-day life.

Also in this program: Head Case, Meskanakh (My Path), Demonstration of Indianness #31, Mars-Womb-Man, Group of Seven Inches, Nastapa



Cam Bush | Canada | 2005 | vidéo | 3 min | english

The archetype of the lonesome cowboy is both embraced and deconstructed in this Patsy Cline-infused short. ...

Also in this program: Colma: The Musical
sunday 19 nov_19:00 | pgm15 | imperial


Derniers mots

Joe Balass | Canada | 2006 | 35mm | 8 min | french | s-t. a

In this bittersweet drama from Festival favourite Balass, a young man is accompanied by friends in an ambulance en route to the hospital. While the good looks of the paramedic ...

distract them slightly from the tension of the moment, ultimately they realize this may be their last good-bye.

Also in this program: Bugcrush, Guy 101, Man Seeking Man, Straight Boys


Derniers mots

Joe Balass | Canada | 2006 | 35mm | 8 min | french | s.-t. a

In this bittersweet drama from Festival favourite Balass, a young man is accompanied by friends in an ambulance en route to the hospital. While the good looks of the paramedic ...

distract them slightly from the tension of the moment, ultimately they realize this may be their last good-bye.

Also in this program: Fragments de mémoire, In Deep Skin, It Takes 2 to Tango, Lyne â la pêche, Ken's Closet, Pretty, Gay, and Available, Vaguement romantique


Fragments de mémoire

Denis Lévesque-Huberdeau | Canada | 2006 | vidéo | 14 min | french

Gleaning personal history from a variety of media sources, this experimental autobiographical collage spans the filmmaker’s life to take stock of the present. ...

Also in this program: Derniers mots, In Deep Skin, It Takes 2 to Tango, Lyne â la pêche, Ken's Closet, Pretty, Gay, and Available, Vaguement romantique


In Deep Skin

Juana Awad & Jorge Lozano | Canada | 2004 | vidéo | 6 min | spanish | s.-t.a

Image and voice meld creating a gorgeous visual landscape – the terrain, the exploration of self. ...

Also in this program: Derniers mots, Fragments de mémoire, It Takes 2 to Tango, Lyne â la pêche, Ken's Closet, Pretty, Gay, and Available, Vaguement romantique


It Takes 2 to Tango

Miriam Ginestier | Canada | 2005 | vidéo | 12 min | no dialogue

Fanny Nipplebottom, our silent screen star, makes her way through a tough audition in this lovely silent gem. ...

Also in this program: Derniers mots, Fragments de mémoire, In Deep Skin, Lyne â la pêche, Ken's Closet, Pretty, Gay, and Available, Vaguement romantique


Le jeu du chat

Simon Lanctôt | Canada | 2005 | vidéo | 6 min | french

Cat seeks mouse…mouse seeks cat. ...

Also in this program: OpenCam
saturday 25 nov_21:00 | pgm54 | imperial


Lyne â la pêche

Petunia Alves | Canada | 2006 | vidéo | 3 min | french

Lyne invites her friends for dinner and that’s where the adventure begins! ...

Also in this program: Derniers mots, Fragments de mémoire, In Deep Skin, It Takes 2 to Tango, Ken's Closet, Pretty, Gay, and Available, Vaguement romantique


Ken's Closet

Jackie Gallant & Dayna McLeod | Canada | 2006 | vidéo | 3 min | v.o. english

A bizarre and beautiful animated short from festival favourites Gallant and McLeod. ...

Also in this program: Derniers mots, Fragments de mémoire, In Deep Skin, It Takes 2 to Tango, Lyne â la pêche, Pretty, Gay, and Available, Vaguement romantique


Group of Seven Inches

Kent Monkman & Gisèle Gordon | Canada | 2005 | vidéo | min | no dialogue

A playful musing on the relationship between artist and model. ...

Also in this program: Head Case, Meskanakh (My Path), Demonstration of Indianness #31, Mars-Womb-Man, Memory in Bones, Nastapa


Pretty, Gay, and Available

Chris Johnson | Canada | 2005 | vidéo | 16 min | english

After meeting online, Paul and David meet face to face. A night later, one of them chooses acceptance, the other repression. ...

Also in this program: Derniers mots, Fragments de mémoire, In Deep Skin, It Takes 2 to Tango, Lyne â la pêche, Ken's Closet, Vaguement romantique


Vaguement romantique

Sébastien Gauthier | Canada | 2005 | vidéo | 20 min | fr / en | s.-t. a

Best friends and roommates, Agathe and Alexandre share everything. After a birthday celebration of alcohol and drugs, they might end up sharing too much. Sweet and seductive, this ménage of ...

adventure, sex and love tests the boundaries of friendship.

Also in this program: Good Boys (Yeladim tovim)
tuesday 21 nov_21:30 | pgm26 | imperial


Vaguement romantique

Sébastien Gauthier | Canada | 2005 | vidéo | 20 min | fr / en | s-t. a

Best friends and roommates, Agathe and Alexandre share everything. After a birthday celebration of alcohol and drugs, they might end up sharing too much. Sweet and seductive, this ménage of ...

adventure, sex and love tests the boundaries of friendship.

Also in this program: Derniers mots, Fragments de mémoire, In Deep Skin, It Takes 2 to Tango, Lyne â la pêche, Ken's Closet, Pretty, Gay, and Available


What Don't You Understand About I'm Leaving Again?

A L Kazymerchyk | Canada | 2005 | vidéo | 5 min | english

What Don’t you Understand About “I’m leaving…again?” is a non-linear rumination on catching oneself between the headlights of cowardice and conviction. Subtly confrontational for those who can never seem to ...

stay, nor fully walk away.

Also in this program: Love Sick (Legaturi Bolnavicioase)
wednesday 22 nov_21:00 | pgm32 | onf



Sarah Decarlo | Canada | 2005 | vidéo | 8 min | no dialogue


Also in this program: Head Case, Meskanakh (My Path), Demonstration of Indianness #31, Mars-Womb-Man, Memory in Bones, Group of Seven Inches


The Saddest Boy in the World

Jamie Travis | Canada | 2006 | 35mm | 14 min | english

Nine-year-old Timothy Higgins, picked last for the team, friendless and suffering the worst birthday party ever, is the saddest boy in the world. Watch as Timothy prepares for a show-stopping ...

suicide in this remarkable short from a Canadian filmmaker to watch.

Also in this program: Reinas (Queens)
thursday 16 nov_20:00 | pgm01 | imperial


The Romance of Transgression_PANEL

table ronde _panel discussion | Canada | 2006 | | 90 min | english

A special treat this year for film students, film lovers (and perverts?) alike, image+nation 19 is proud to present “The Romance of Transgression,” a day-long symposium event inspired by the ...

launch of Thomas Waugh’s newest book, of the same name. Taking place Saturday, November 18 at Cinéma de Sève (Concordia University), this not-to-be-missed event begins with a panel discussion, Transgression in Canadian and Québec Queer Cinemas which will tease out and reflect upon notions of transgression in Canadian and Québec queer cinema – past and present – featuring some of Canadian queer cinema’s brightest luminaries. Following that is a video talk by Waugh entitled Love in the Place of Excrement: Toilet Sex in Canadian Cinemas and rounding out the day, the official launch of Waugh’s book. This sexually and intellectually charged event hopes to encourage discussion and exchange from participants and audience members alike – to explore and celebrate some of the central and defining thematics within the history (and the present state) of Canadian and Québec queer cinemas. Discussion en table ronde : Transgression in Canadian and Québec Queer Cinemas (All Welcome) Invités/Guests : John Greyson, Toronto (Les feluette, Lillies) Patricia Rozema, Toronto (I've Heard the Mermaids Singing, When Night is Falling) Michel Langlois, Montréal (Cap Tourmente, Le fil cassé) Anne Golden, Montréal (Big Girl Town) Dayna McLeod, Montréal (How to Fake an Orgasm) Moderated by Chantal Nadeau (Professeur, Concordia University) ALL WELCOME
saturday 18 nov_13:00 | pgm07 | de sève


The Romance of Transgression_VIDEO PRESENTATION

présentation vidéo_video talk | Canada | 2006 | | 90 min | english

“Love in the Place of Excrement: Toilet Sex in Canadian Cinemas” - a video talk by Thomas Waugh | John Greyson's legendary Urinal is, not surprisingly, about public toilets, ...

and about sexual activities that take place there. Their histories, politics, mythologies, plus the perennial crackdowns they spark and the horses they frighten. But it is not the only film or video from Quebec or English Canada to deal with the subject. In fact, since the 1970s, one could say that toilet sex has been a national obsession on the part of queer and not-so-queer film and video makers, both men and women. Why? How? Who? Thomas Waugh offers a lecture amply illustrated by clips from the scummiest of the Canadian toilet sex film canon, to answer these questions. Waugh will offer a witty chronology and analysis of this subversive obsession, through a series of film clips from Canadian filmmakers including Midi Onodera, John Greyson and Bruce LaBruce, to highlight some of the history, myth and fantasy that pervades our great nation’s toilet culture. | Followed by book launch cocktail. ALL WELCOME
saturday 18 nov_15:00 | pgm08 | de sève


small town gay bar

Malcolm Ingram | Canada/U.S.A. | 2006 | vidéo | 81 min | english

Director Malcolm Ingram delves into the Deep South to examine the importance and history of rural gay bars – including one with a shockingly bawdy reputation – in this excellent ...

documentary executive-produced by indie film deity Kevin Smith. In rural Mississippi, two gay bars – Rumors and Crossroads – serve more than just beer and cocktails. They offer a safe haven and a sense of connection for the gay locals, some of whom admit life would be intolerable without such an outlet. Ingram introduces us to many of the bars’ thankful patrons and owners, while also revisiting their amusing, colorful pasts. One establishment was more scandalous than Studio 54 – and we see evidence to prove it! We also get a deeper sense of these bars’ importance when hearing from the family of Scotty Weaver, a murdered Alabama gay teen, and the infamous Fred Phelps, the virulently homophobic founder of God Hates Fags. Adding further drama, the future of these bars comes into question, and whether their potential new owners will close them or bring an even better watering hole to the thirsty queer locals. Both funny and sobering, Small town gay bar is a place you must visit. – LF
sunday 26 nov_17:00 | pgm61 | onf


Jean Genet in Chicago

Frédéric Moffet | Canada/U.S.A. | 2006 | vidéo | 26 min | english

A queer retelling of the events surrounding the 1968 National Democratic Convention from the point of view of French writer, Jean Genet. ...

Also in this program: Ma saison super 8
wednesday 22 nov_17:00 | pgm28 | imperial



Lièvre & Nemerofsky Ramsay | Canada/France | 2005 | vidéo | 5 min | english

The language of anti-terrorism takes an unexpected form in this seductive propaganda video to the tune of Céline Dion. ...

Also in this program: Park
sunday 19 nov_21:30 | pgm16 | imperial


Reinas (Queens)

Manuel Gomez Pereira | Spain | 2005 | 35mm | 107 min | spanish | s-t. a

Three days in Madrid, four gay marriages (potentially), five mothers-in-law (prospectively) – and not a funeral in sight! Argentinian superstar Betiana Blum, and a bevy of Almodovar alumni (Verónica Forqué, ...

Carmen Maura, Marisa Paredes and Mercedes Sampietro) reprise their roles as feisty and fierce women on the verge of a nervous breakthrough that went AWOL in Spanish cinema. Future in-laws revisit their neurotic dating “n” mating habits and histories upon their hapless offspring, as enemies become friends, and unusual attractions form in this hilarious cinematic quadrille. Meanwhile, the gorgeous but harried grooms find their relationships challenged by their badly-behaved parents, as pre-wedding jitters set in. But how ever will Marilina find her way home? Director Manuel Gómez Pereira teams up with screenwriter Joaquin Oristrell (director of last year’s closing film, Inconscientes) to deliver another delightfully queer melodramedy from Spain – with a hint of Amores Perros for good measure! An exuberant celebration of Spain’s hard-won gay marriage rights, Reinas still deftly explores class and prejudice in this comedy of contemporary manners, mores and premarital mayhem. A bouncy soundtrack coupled with chaotic flashback sequences make Reinas a spectacular film and an exquisite opening to image+nation 19. – BP

Also in this program: The Saddest Boy in the World
thursday 16 nov_20:00 | pgm01 | imperial


20 Centimetros (20 Centimetres)

Ramón Salazar | Spain | 2006 | 35mm | 113 min | spanish | s-t. a

Sleeping Beauty with a musical twist and lavish song-and-dance numbers in three languages! Narcoleptic, pre-operative transsexual Marieta (Mónica Cervera in a bravura performance), walks the streets of Madrid, earning the ...

cash to subsidize her dream of surgical transformation. More than anything, Marieta wants to lose those pesky-but-eye-popping 20 centimeters (you do the math), which enthrall her clients but remain an obstacle to full womanhood. Marieta shares her destitute but dignified existence with the endlessly-scheming but loyal Tomas (Miguel O’Dogherty), and Berta (Concha Galan), a single mother involved in sinister shenanigans. She is swept into a torrid affair with the dreamy, sweetly macho Raul (the generously-endowed Pablo Pujol in a breathtaking bathroom scene), after he rescues her from a narcoleptic fit. His acceptance of Marieta – imposing appendage notwithstanding – causes her confusion as his love vies with her search for self-fulfillment. Ramón Salazar’s rip-roaring romp through Pedro Almodovar territory alternates heartbreak with hilarity, helplessness with hope and raunch with romance in a uniquely Hispanic remodelling of Hedwig and the Angry Inch. Ingenuously and irreverently referencing everything from Jacques Demy’s Les parapluies de Cherbourg to Michael Jackson’s Thriller, 20 Centimetres also features a poignant cameo from Almodovar alumnus Rossy de Palma as Marieta’s fellow sex-trade worker, “La Frio.” A story about the passionate quest for love and the need for completion, 20 Centimetres is a filmic extravaganza like none you have experienced. - BP
sunday 26 nov_21:15 | pgm63 | imperial



Juan Carlos Claver | Spain | 2006 | 35mm | 98 min | spanish | s-t.a

Set in Franco’s Spain of the early 1970s, two female teachers meet, become friends, then friends with benefits, falling slowly (but surely) in deep love. Pilar’s distraught parents blame Elvira ...

and try to separate the two lovers. Placing their wealth behind the problem, they have Pilar forcibly committed – agreeing to electroshock therapy to “cure” her condition while forbidding Elvira to have any contact. For years, Elvira’s relentless efforts to reach Pilar are denied. Eventually, Pilar is released into her parents’ custody, and Elvira’s continued efforts prevail. The two women are reunited, but the remnants of Pilar’s therapy have left psychological damage. Determined, the women vow to never be apart again – creating a plan to ensure their continued togetherness. Electroshock is a powerful and moving Spanish drama demonstrating the enduring strength and dignity of two women’s love for one another during the repressive Franco years, and the very real suffering LGBT people went through for their desires in the not so distant past.

Also in this program: Flame
friday 24 nov_21:00 | pgm45 | de sève


Law of Desire (La Ley del Deseo)

Pedro Almodovar | Spain | 1987 | 35mm | 102 min | spanish | s-t. a

Avant-garde film director and cokehead Pablo (the elegant Eusebio Poncela), is frustrated by Juan’s (curly-haired cutie Miguel Molina) ambivalence towards him. He meets the possessive Antonio (played by a pre-Hollywood ...

Antonio Banderas) who doesn’t usually sleep with guys, but ends up making surprisingly convincing love to Pablo! Initially disturbed by Antonio’s passion (one he craves secretly), he remains uneasy about him. Antonio however, discovers Pablo’s lingering love for Juan – and murders him. A distraught Pablo loses his memory in a car accident; as his sister Tina (the luscious Carmen Maura) attempts to revive a precious, secret history together, murderous Antonio continues to insinuate himself into her good graces… Pedro Almodovar returns to the labyrinths of passion and perversity – and the 80s – exploring will become the signature themes of his movies. Biological women play transsexuals (and vice-versa), bottoms play tops, and love is the other drug! Affectionately lampooning romantic and sexual conventions in outrageous and unpredictable ways, Almodovar assures us that narcissism or neurosis, passion or peril, ultimately the sheer lawlessness of human desire conquers all – and makes the impossible probable. – BP
saturday 25 nov_13:00 | pgm46 | imperial


Puccini For Beginners

Maria Maggenti | U.S.A. | 2005 | 35mm | 81 min | english

From the director of the classic The Incredibly True Adventures of Two Girls in Love comes a hilarious tale about a girl who can’t say yes – to love. The ...

gorgeous Elizabeth Reaser (The Family Stone) turns in a tremendous performance as Allegra, an opera-loving New York City lesbian who bluntly describes herself as “narcissistic, passive-aggressive, self-absorbed and incapable of connecting.” After Allegra’s commitment issues send her girlfriend into the arms of a male rival, Allegra finds herself suddenly attracted to two new lovers: Philip (the delicious Justin Kirk of Angels In America fame) and Grace (Gretchen Mol, The Notorious Betty Page), an irresistibly beautiful, recently single and recently straight woman. With a wacky chorus of sushi chefs and New York City bystanders making trenchant observations on Allegra’s love life, Puccini for Beginners unfolds as a nonstop laugh-fest full of insights on evolving sexual identities and the quest for love in New York City. With a healthy dose of humour and just the right amount of irony, Puccini for Beginners updates queer sexuality for the 21st century and just might be the next lesbian classic.

Also in this program: Succubus
wednesday 22 nov_19:00 | pgm30 | imperial


Red Doors

Georgina Lee | U.S.A. | 2005 | vidéo | 90 min | english

Red Doors opens as the Wong family sits down to a traditional dinner commemorating the month-long Festival of Lost Souls during which restless spirits are permitted to return to the ...

earthly plane. However, newly-retired patriarch Ed (Tzi Ma, from Akeelah and the Bee), is haunted by ghosts past in the suburban splendour of New York, and loses himself in nostalgia – and suicide attempts. Meanwhile, Samantha (radiant Jacqueline Kim of Xena: Warrior Princess fame) questions her career-related choices and engagement after a chance meeting with her high-school sweetheart. Collected, hardworking medical student Julie (Elaine Kao of Grey’s Anatomy) becomes increasingly distracted by sultry A-list actress Mia Scarlett (Mia Rieverton) whose posters adorn the wall of the youngest Wong, hip-hop dance enthusiast Katie (Kathy Shao-Lin Lee) whose escalating and ingenious pranks on geeky hunk Simon (Jayce Bartok) take a dangerous twist. Increasingly irrelevant in his children’s lives, Ed beats a retreat to a Buddhist monastery – but cannot escape for long... Georgia Lee’s deft, meditative Red Doors makes a graceful sequel to last year’s hit movie Saving Face, and offers the hope that images and stories from a shared past can offer renewal for the future. – BP
friday 24 nov_19:00 | pgm42 | de sève


Boy Culture

Q. Allan Brocka | U.K. | 2006 | vidéo | 88 min | english

How does one strive to be an ethical whore (“not a slut”) while juggling an assortment of tricks, and a makeshift family of roommates? Beneath his cool and cynical exterior, ...

handsome X (the broodingly sexy Derek Magyar) nurses a powerful attraction to Andrew (the angel-faced Darryl Stephens of Noah’s Ark). Meanwhile, both are “raising” their sexually-precocious twink, Joey. After one of his ‘disciples’ drops out, X takes on the intelligent and sophisticated Gregory (the elegant Patrick Bauchau of the much loved 80s local series, Mount Royal), a much older man of mystery who wants X to wait until their desire is mutual. Caught off guard, X begins to defrost emotionally, triggering complex (and sometimes hilarious) results. Racy, raunchy intergenerational and interracial sexploits gradually reveal intimate truths at the core of this (rent) boy’s life. A comedy of errors with a wicked script, deft performances and crisp editing make Q. Allan Brocka’s Boy Culture breathe new soul into complex stereotypes, effortlessly reviving the “gay hustler” genre and delivering a satisfying film experience. – BP

Also in this program: Disposable
saturday 18 nov_21:30 | pgm12 | imperial


Pick Up the Mic

Alex Hinton | U.S.A. | 2005 | vidéo | 95 min | english

Queer Hip-Hop: it’s a lot more than a stylish oxymoron in this surprising, fast-paced documentary on the world of queer rappers. Featuring searing public performances and raw, revealing interviews with ...

the community’s most significant players, the film captures an unapologetic underground music movement just as it explodes into the mainstream – defying the music industry’s most homophobic and misogynist genre in the process. Shot over a three-year period, Pick Up the Mic follows more than a dozen contemporary hip-hop artists of diverse ethnic and sexual backgrounds. The artists are followed rehearsing, performing, and struggling – revealing their raw, most intimate feelings, including experiences with homophobia, issues of gender identification and even suicide as they attempt to express their lives through hip-hop music. Resonating far beyond the music industry and queer communities, Alex Hinton’s debut feature is not only a captivating record of a burgeoning culture, but an inspiring exploration of the universal desire to voice the passion and pain of one’s individual existence. – KS
thursday 23 nov_21:30 | pgm36 | imperial


Loving Annabelle

Katherine Brooks | U.S.A. | 2005 | 35mm | 80 min | english

A potential liability for her mother Senator Tilman, the arrestingly beautiful and rebellious Annabelle (Erin Kelly) finds herself serially abandoned to boarding schools, the latest of which is Saint Theresa’s. ...

Although initially rebuffed by her striking literature teacher, Simone Bradley (luminously portrayed by Diane Gaidry) an undeniable attraction simmers between them. Alarmed that Annabelle’s spiritedness could pose a negative influence on the others, the strict and unyielding headmistress Sister Immaculata orders Simone to closely monitor her young protégé. As their intense longing overtakes both student and teacher, Simone is forced to confront her own painfully repressed and troubled past. As Annabelle and Simone begin losing control of their primal emotional and erotic desire for each other, a fellow student’s betrayal unleashes a series of events… Can their passion for each other withstand the pressures of societal prejudices? A tenderly updated tribute to Maedchen in Uniform, Katherine Brooks goes where the classic 1930 lesbian movie feared to tread, compassionately exploring the lingering social taboo of student-teacher relationships. Fluid and lush cinematography and convincing performances brilliantly depicts a love that defies all reason – and compels us to revisit our own heady and tumultuous experiences with first love. – BP

Also in this program: Can You Take It?
saturday 18 nov_19:30 | pgm11 | imperial


Boy I Am

Sam Feder | U.S.A. | 2006 | vidéo | 81 min | english

Does good, old-fashioned butch and femme have a future in this ever-transitioning world? Do expensive hormonal and surgical techniques make the man, and does transitioning automatically mean embracing the patriarchy? ...

How do we interpret the veritable OUTbreak of female-to-male transsexuality in LGBT communities in Canada and North America? Boy I Am reflects the increasing power and visibility of the “T” in LGBT, although this confidence hasn’t easily and necessarily translated into acceptance and understanding. It follows Keegan, Nicco and Norie, a trio of New-Yorkers hailing from diverse backgrounds who articulate their concerns and hopes about their impending transitions while gingerly steering their course through various hormonal and surgical options. Activists and academics outline their positions in the gender wars, and their potentially divisive community politics and interpersonal relationships. This demanding feature-length documentary by Sam Feder and Julie Hollar examines the dizzying array of choices for expressing “female masculinity.” Featuring the adorably earnest but frequently mystifying academic superstar Judith “Jack” Halberstam, and Carmen Vazquez, Deputy Executive Director of Empire State Pride Agenda, Boy I Am is both an insightful and provocative look at the muddied waters of current theories on gender and sex. – BP
monday 20 nov_21:00 | pgm22 | onf


Camp Out

L. Grimaldi & K. Marcolina | U.S.A. | 2005 | vidéo | 78 min | english

“How many of us can say we live our lives courageously? The ten teenagers who attended The Naming Project Camp at Bay lake (USA) can. No matter where they stand ...

on the gay or Christian scales, no matter how much their families and friends love and support them, they still have a tremendous weight on their shoulders and they worry about things straight teenagers don’t have to contend with. The average high-schooler should be concerned with what jeans to put on, what music to download and which movies to see, not being discriminated against, growing old alone and going to hell.” – Larry Grimaldi, director Canoeing, sing-alongs, talent shows, and campfires under the stars – all the things kids look forward to at summer camp. This camp is no different… or is it? Meet the first ten campers of the (possibly the world’s) first gay-youth Bible Camp. That’s right, GAY BIBLE CAMP! As at all summer camps, there’s lots of drama in the air. There’s Scancy, a purple-haired, bisexual Goth-girl; Jesse, the shy camp hunk who struggles with being the object of everyone’s affection; Christine, a hyperactive, Elvis-obsessed, home-schooled loner; Tim, an often depressed recovering drug addict learning to come out of his shell; and Thomas, a pious kid who chants devotional prayers daily and who has a talent for modern dance. The Naming Project Camp was created by Pastor Jay, an openly gay man ordained by his Minnesota-based Lutheran church despite national controversy, and a handful of other gay Christians who had grown “sick of LGBT kids killing themselves.” Most of all, Camp Out lets us witness how these kids have come out twice – as LGBT and as Christian. Though American, this lively in-your-face documentary touches upon universal issues. Whether you’re practicing religion or wouldn’t touch it with a ten-foot pole, Thomas’s opening question is a chiller: “What if we’re all wrong – what if we are going to hell?
tuesday 21 nov_17:00 | pgm24 | onf


Colma: The Musical

Richard Wong | U.S.A. | 2006 | vidéo | 119 min | english

They really mean it! Colma: The Musical is an almost non-stop singing and dancing extravaganza that injects life into a genre practically sucked dry by dead-eyed Hollywood excess. Colma, a ...

bedroom community of San Francisco, is a typical suburban “wasteland,” shrouded in fog and ennui, and home to three recently graduated high-school friends: Maribel (L.A. Renigen) who just wants to get laid, Billy (Jake Moreno) who can’t get over his ex-girlfriend, and Rodel (H.P. Mendoza) who is coming to rough terms with his burgeoning sexuality and trapped inside a family he desperately needs liberation from. Through despair and triumph, each sings his/her little heart out. (The film features 13 original musical numbers penned by Mendoza.) Director Richard Wong gives this tale of young people struggling with oncoming adulthood a type of gleeful joy, while lending Colma itself, with its fog, graveyards, and disaffected youth, a unique visual flavour. The film is chock-a-block with odd charm, wry observations, and even a few moments of hard-won wisdom. It’s also insanely fun, and the tunes are damn near irresistible. “A giddy, unexpected pleasure: there is more wit, energy, and imagination in any one frame of director Richard Wong and writer-composer-star H.P. Mendoza’s original screen musical than in an entire decade’s worth of lame Hollywood attempts to revivify the genre.” – Scott Foundas, LA Weekly

Also in this program: Crazy
sunday 19 nov_19:00 | pgm15 | imperial


Do I Look Fat?

Travis Mathews | U.S.A. | 2005 | vidéo | 58 min | english

A candid, refreshing and timely documentary about body image and eating disorders that explores the impact of “a little word with a big meaning” on bisexual and gay men preoccupied ...

with minimizing and supsersizing themselves. Oftentimes seen as a women’s issue, a growing body of evidence suggests that gay men suffer disproportionately and increasingly from eating disorders when compared to straight men. Although many causes (including abuse or childhood wounding, addiction, gender expression, homophobia and low self-esteem) are discussed – none offer a conclusive and satisfactory explanation of how body image has become an obsessive, oppressive aspect of mainstream gay society. Counsellors and therapists provide background, insight and understanding, as seven courageous bisexual and gay men describe their complicated relationships to body image, fat-phobia and food, with humour and wisdom. A feature-length first by counsellor Travis Mathews who battled an eating disorder himself, Do I Look Fat? examines the complex interplay of different personal and societal factors in a marginalized community. Including footage of Gay Shame protesting “body fascism” and older gay men attending a “geezers” dance, Mathews’ documentary breaks the silence on another controversial issue facing a community usually renowned for confronting difficult issues head on. – BP

Also in this program: Older
friday 24 nov_17:00 | pgm40 | onf


Eating Out 2: Sloppy Seconds

Phillip Bartell | U.S.A. | 2006 | vidéo | 80 min | english

Touted as the the first ever gay sequel, Eating Out 2: Sloppy Seconds delivers all the irreverent hilarity as its predecessor, Eating Out (image+nation 17) with an extra dollop of ...

raunchiness thrown in for good measure. How far would you go to get the person of your dreams? In Eating Out, Kyle (Jim Verraros) convinced his straight roommate to pretend to be gay to get the girl. Now, with the help of Gwen (Emily Brooke Hands) and Tiffani (Rebekah Kochan), Kyle pretends to be heterosexual to land Troy (Marco Dapper), the new guy – and nude model – in town, only to find himself joining the campus ex-gay support group and nabbing a girlfriend! Kyle’s ex boyfriend, Marc (Brett Chukerman), is horrified at the plan and decides to pursue the confused Troy with his own tactic – being his out gay self. Who will win him first? In the boy eat boy, boy eat girl world of Eating Out 2: Sloppy Seconds stakes get raised, sexual boundaries are obliterated, and the answer is never what you might expect!

Also in this program: Available Men
friday 17 nov_19:30 | pgm03 | imperial


Fat Girls

Ash Christian | U.S.A. | 2006 | vidéo | 82 min | english

We’re all fat girls – or so says, a small town Texas teen in this raucously funny debut from 21-year-old writer/director/star Ash Christian. Ash Christian offers a fresh, entertaining and ...

inventive peek into a gay boy’s teen life, with tons of creativity trumping a miniscule budget. Gay high-school student Rodney (Christian) and 300-pound Sabrina (Ashley Fink) are best friends. A wannabe Broadway star, Rodney must endure his senior year at home with a fundamentalist mother, a closet case sex buddy and no prospects for romance… until new student Joey shows up. A sexually experienced Brit, although not into Rodney’s “type,” Joey agrees to go to prom with Rodney and takes him to the area gay bar. While Joey hooks up in the bathroom, Rodney spots his school’s drama instructor, Mr. Cox (played by Tarnation’s Jonathan Caouette), which sparks off a surprising friendship between student and teacher. Meanwhile, Sabrina – whose parents are lesbians – finds her own prospects of romance, or at least sex, with a Cuban chubby chaser. The Paris, Texas-born Christian (who has worked as an actor in Los Angeles during recent years) brings a hysterically satirical edge to his writing/directing debut. – LF
saturday 25 nov_15:00 | pgm49 | onf


Enough Man

Luke Woodward | U.S.A. | 2005 | vidéo | 61 min | english

Bored with earnest flicks about gender dysphoria, hormones and sex reassignment surgery? Fed up with celibate, clean and sexless transpeople who die or end up single at the end? Is ...

a real and righteous (sex) life possible after transition? In Luke Woodward’s Enough Man (a true descendant of Christopher Lee and J. Zapapta’s controversial and ground-breaking 1998 hit Alley of the Trannyboys), nine transmen and their courageous partners give it up intelligently, rapturously – and unapologetically. Explicit and sometimes graphic depictions of intimate sexual practices are illuminated by frank and thoughtful observations on the current state of body politics, family polyamory, polysexuality and relationships as well as life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Most striking are the creative and deeply erotic scenes with transmen and their partners genuinely enjoying their own, and each others’ bodies and souls. A trans-porn-umentary like no other, Enough Man scores with 100% hot queer/trans hip-hop/rap artists Juha, Katastrophe, Lisa Jackson and Scarletto delivering phat “n” phresh rhymes and rhythms as they sing the transbody electric. Are you man enough for Enough Man? – BP

Also in this program: Wrong Bathroom
monday 20 nov_17:00 | pgm19 | onf



Jules Rosskam | U.S.A. | 2005 | vidéo | 61 min | english

“Everybody around me has to transition.” A single quotation sums up this thoughtful and touching exploration of the concerns, issues and questions that arise when mummies become daddies. TransParent introduces ...

us to nineteen remarkable female-to-male transgender parents from a wide variety of class, ethnic and regional backgrounds, who gave birth to their children at different stages of transition. Embracing the challenges of parenthood with courage and intelligence, they candidly discuss the mixed blessings of being pregnant in transition, and how passing as male affects their experience of parenting. Informed by their own experiences growing up, many are determined to reinterpret and resist gender-stereotypical parenting, responding creatively and pragmatically to parenthood. Absorbing, highly entertaining and illuminating, Jules Rosskam’s TransParent examines the concerns and issues around parenting, including being at points both a father and mother, custody rights, familial relationships, fighting prejudice, pregnancy, gender roles in parenting, reconnecting with adult children post-transition – and that $64,000 question: “What does your child call you?” Rosskam skilfully alternates home movie and video footage with revealing interviews of extraordinary individuals, to weave a colourful tapestry of loving sensibilities that extend beyond the grossly inadequate threads of blue and pink. – BP

Also in this program: Queer Spawn
wednesday 22 nov_17:00 | pgm29 | onf



Erin Greenwell | U.S.A. | 2006 | vidéo | 70 min | english

Mom follows the odd couple Kelly (Emily Burton), a tightly wound, straight-laced reporter with major television market aspirations, and her camerawoman, Linda (Julie Goldman, The D Word, image+nation 18), a ...

mellow, talkative butch who is only doing the job until she can open her own tattoo studio. They work for a marketing agency, clashing as they travel the country together in cramped, rickety cars, interviewing people for research purposes. Everything gets a little funny when they arrive in the town of Little Hope only to find their hotel reservations have been lost. With no hope of finding other accommodations in the midst of the biggest event of the year, the town’s annual chili cook-off, they manage to squeeze into the local youth hostel. Butch Linda finds a happenin’ Sapphic enclave, while Kelly is left out on her own to navigate the waters of life with bad cell phone reception. Linda runs into an old flame; Kelly struggles to fit in with her new surroundings while trying to pursue a lead for a television job back in New York. A classic road movie with a lesbian edge, this feature film debut from Erin Greenwell (21, image+nation 14) combines an uncanny sense of comedic timing with a fresh, frisky and funny script. Burton and Goldman brace themselves for dyke superstardom, as they effortlessly reprise Felix and Oscar in butch-femme stereo, serving us an odd couple for our gay old times. Mom is an upbeat charmer that should definitely not be missed! – BP

Also in this program: JO FM
saturday 25 nov_21:15 | pgm55 | onf



Robert Gaston | U.S.A. | 2005 | vidéo | 105 min | english

Nursing both a broken heart and creative block, Manny (played to beefily blond perfection by Andreau Thomas) finds himself addicted to a live webcam sex site based in D.C. Hamilton ...

(the magnetically compelling Amir Davish), a hunky dick appointed to the Gay and Lesbian Unit of the capital’s police force enters Manny’s life while investigating a carjacking involving his boyishly high-strung best friend Maury (Ben Green) and himself. Manny is jolted out from his complacent existence when a close friend is murdered viciously, causing him to examine his friendships and relationships. As sparks ignite between Hamilton and Manny, a disturbing pattern of homicides emerges: one by one, Manny’s ex-s and tricks are murdered online. After Manny witnesses a particularly gruesome murder, Hamilton is assigned to protect him – personally. A gripping thriller intensified by an uneasy score, Robert Gaston’s Open Cam is an intelligent upgrade of William Friedkin’s Cruising for today’s internet set. In the anonymous world of online sex, anonymity and exhibitionism test the limits of friendship, love and trust. Compellingly erotic, Open Cam is an elegant and taut cautionary tale about lovers in a dangerous time. – BP

Also in this program: Le jeu du chat
saturday 25 nov_21:00 | pgm54 | imperial


Love Life

Damion Dietz | U.S.A. | 2006 | vidéo | 72 min | english

Joe and Mary Hahn seem to be the perfect all-American couple. Devoted, caring spouses who share not only a beautiful home but also complete financial security, they live by the ...

faith that their marriage will last forever. There’s just one tiny problem: they’re both gay. Joe hires the new (not to mention hot) landscaper from the back pages of a gay magazine and spends his afternoons cruising in the park. Mary, worried about losing her mother’s inheritance, is so deep in the closet she’s convinced herself there’s nothing wrong with her straight and narrow path. Pulling the wool over everyone else’s eyes comes easy, but the cracks in their façade are beginning to surface. In director Damion Dietz’s (Neverland, image+nation 16) captivating character study, we get a glimpse into the inner worlds of two people who can’t seem to face the truth about their lives. At once both sympathetic and unforgiving, Love Life exposes their deepest fears while raising many difficult questions. An unusual and captivating film, Love Life impressively succeeds in focusing on both the gay male and lesbian strands equally, to create a provocative tale of love – demonstrating the hidden reserves of strength we carry within us when we are honest with ourselves.
monday 20 nov_17:00 | pgm18 | imperial


Rock Bottom: Gay Men and Meth

Jay Corcoran | U.S.A. | 2006 | vidéo | 75 min | english

Jay Corcoran’s edgy, hard-hitting documentary opens with a shot of ex-porn star CJ high on tina in a bathhouse. As Corcoran intimately examines the cycle of recovery and use – ...

and its consequences for employers, family and friends –, a sense of déjà vu permeates the recurring issues and themes. Rock Bottom features a stern admonishment from AIDS activist-author Larry Kramer, a moving testimony of ACT UP alumnus Peter Staley, and heart-rending stories from a handful of articulate, intelligent gay men of different origins. Situated variously in bathhouses, hospitals, a funeral home and linked by a sobering litany of facts and figures by health officials, it reminds us that silence continues to equal death with one participant going so far as to say, “crystal is sort of like a silencer.” An uncompromising documentary shot over a period of two years, it reminds us that despite twenty years of progress in LGBT human rights legislation, a legacy of communal and individual damage and injury seems to dominate and pursue gay men. Boredom, escapism, HIV status, low-self-esteem combine with continued external and internalized prejudice, to hold us hostage to this dark crystal. – BP

Also in this program: Meth
sunday 26 nov_13:00 | pgm57 | de sève


Shock to the System: A Donald Strachey Mystery

Ron Oliver | U.S.A. | 2006 | vidéo | 91 min | english

In Shock to the System, detective Donald Strachey (effortlessly reprised by heart-throb Chad Allen) delves into the murky world of gay and lesbian conversion therapy, a warped blend of prejudice, ...

psychology and religion advocated by a Dr. Trevor Cornell (Michael Woods) that claims to convert homosexuals into heterosexuals. As in Third Man Out (image+nation 18), tension arises from having to defend someone whose politics offend Strachey’s out-and-proud sensibilities. Ably assisted by devoted husband Tim Callahan (built, butch Sebastian Spence) and his zealous “office manager” (cutie pie Nelson Wong), Strachey finds himself investigating a client’s apparent suicide, despite the protestations of his credulous, homophobic and lazy superior Detective Bailey (Daryl Shuttleworth). Our private dick must fend off a bevy of sexy young suspects, confront a wealthy socialite (an inspired turn by Morgan Fairchild) with a secret or two, while dealing with his troubled past. Director Ron Oliver’s lavish adaptation of Richard Stevenson’s detective novel is a gratifying sequel to last year’s festival hit. Convincing performances drive a lively script, delivering a masterpiece of gumshoe-and-guts theatre that addresses gay and lesbian issues in a refreshing way. – BP
monday 20 nov_19:00 | pgm20 | imperial



Carter Smith | U.S.A. | 2006 | 35mm | 36 min | english

A high school loner’s crush on the new boy in school leads to a seductively sinister outcome in this visually stunning and arresting film, based on a short story by ...

Scott Treleaven.

Also in this program: Derniers mots, Guy 101, Man Seeking Man, Straight Boys


Available Men

David Dean Botrell | U.S.A. | 2005 | vidéo | 15 min | english

The fine line between dating and business is exposed with laugh-out-loud results when four L.A. men meet in a bar. ...

Also in this program: Eating Out 2: Sloppy Seconds
friday 17 nov_19:30 | pgm03 | imperial


Cosa Bella

Fiona Mackenzie | U.S.A. | 2005 | 35mm | 16 min | english

Delphine must make a challenging decision in order to win over Belle’s heart in this superb tale of love in dangerous times. ...

Also in this program: Open, Titina, The Science of Love, In Memory of Me


Gypsies, Tramps & Thieves

Andrea Janakas | U.S.A. | 2005 | 35mm | 22 min | english

On a snowy night in 1979, two teenage girls fend off small town boredom. As the girls’ innocence is lost this one night, so too is a country’s. Even in ...

a small town, the world changes with you.

Also in this program: Tan Lines
friday 24 nov_19:00 | pgm41 | imperial


Maggots and Men

Oakie Treadwell | U.S.A. | 2006 | Betacam SP | 4 min | english

Highly original and rampant with gender anarchy, this historical drama set in post-revolutionary Russia is one movie trailer you’ve gotta see! ...

Also in this program: Whispering Moon (Das Flüstern des Mondes)
wednesday 22 nov_21:15 | pgm31 | imperial



Teale Failla | U.S.A. | 2005 | vidéo | 12 min | english

Through intersecting timelines, an open relationship turns the lives of three women into a bizarre whirlwind of betrayal, bingo and sex toys. ...

Also in this program: Cosa Bella, Titina, The Science of Love, In Memory of Me



Kurt Voelker | U.S.A. | 2006 | vidéo | 86 min | english

The hills are alive with the sounds of dysfunction as eight Los Angelinos attempt to sort each other and themselves out, sans gangs and smog. Quirky musician April (geek heart-throb ...

Dagney Kerr) flirts heavily with suicide, completely unaware that drama is quietly unfolding around her. Dog washer extraordinaire (exquisitely nerdy David Fennar) is heartbroken when co-worker Krysta (Coyote Ugly’s Izabella Miko) clarifies that she’s out of his league – but into full-time kinky cad Denis (William Baldwin), busy cheating on his long-suffering wife Peggy (the Rikki Lake). Accompanied by her best friend Claire (the luminous Cheri Oteri), she plots a revenge that rivals those in Thelma and Louise. Meanwhile, hippie hunk-cum-ideologue Nathan (The Island’s jut-jawed dreamboat Trent Ford), and Barbar (adorable choco-twink Maulik Pancholy) decide to indulge in some sushi with colleagues Meredith (brainy blonde beauty Anne Dudek) and Sheryl (Melanie Lynskey of Heavenly Creatures fame). Cue redemption and rescue with hilarious results! Kurt Voelker’s cheerful, lite satire drives along happily to Danny Hole’s breezy score. Automobiles become crucibles for comic enlightenment and the moral of the story, apparently, is get out of your car and into your life! - BP

Also in this program: Patriotic
sunday 19 nov_21:30 | pgm16 | imperial


Night Swimming

Daniel Falcone | U.S.A. | 2005 | vidéo | 19 min | english

Otter, a punk teenager, sets out with his best friend to see their beloved band perform in New York City. When the road trip hits an unexpected detour, the real ...

adventure begins.

Also in this program: Peking Turkey, Moi Pulpe, Sissy Frenchfry, Sontag Morgen, Straight Boys



Jenn Garrison | U.S.A. | 2005 | vidéo | 16 min | english

When a radio station changes formats from alternative rock to pop, an obsessed fan kidnaps her favourite DJ demanding she make the ultimate mix tape capturing the way radio – ...

and her life – once was.

Also in this program: Mom
saturday 25 nov_21:15 | pgm55 | onf


The Science of Love

Joyce Dragonosky | U.S.A. | 2005 | 35mm | 14 min | english

The mind has a heart of its own. Debating the question : “Can you prove love?” this is a tale of egos and intellect, pitting a beautiful, buttoned-up professor against ...

the sexy and seductive department head with purely emotional results.

Also in this program: Cosa Bella, Open, Titina, In Memory of Me


Reporter Zero

Carrie Lozano | U.S.A. | 2005 | vidéo | 25 min | english

A Student Academy Award finalist, Reporter Zero revisits the late Randy Shilts, a tenacious San Francisco Chronicle reporter and the author of And the Band Played On: Politics, People and ...

the AIDS Epidemic. Not content to just document a crucial historical moment, Lozano delivers a sharp poke at those complacent about the disease’s continuing devastation.

Also in this program: Books of James
friday 24 nov_21:00 | pgm44 | onf


Where We Began

Marc Saltarelli | U.S.A. | 2006 | vidéo | 15 min | english

Bittersweet memories and painful realities clash when Timothy and Christian agree to meet at the spot where they began. ...

Also in this program: Combat
saturday 18 nov_17:30 | pgm10 | imperial


Another Gay Movie

Todd Stephens | U.S.A. | 2006 | 35mm | 90 min | english

Bye bye hetero American Pie – this teen sex comedy is GAY, with all the audaciousness, cute guys, and un-PC trimmings we expect from the genre today! Another Gay Movie ...

begins, à la Little Darlings and American Pie, as a handful of graduating gay high-school boys pledge to lose their virginity – specifically, ass virginity – before college begins. Jock Jarod, bookish Griff, flamboyant albeit closeted Nico and all-American Andy Wilson have an advice guru in vulgar lesbian lothario, Muffler. But between disastrous attempts with intoxicated queens, penis lengthening devices, webcam-broadcast bondage, GHB overdoses, and intrusive parents, things go ass-up in a way the boys hadn’t intended! Writer-director Todd Stephens (Edge of Seventeen, image+nation 11 and Gypsy 83, image+nation 15) endeavored to bring us the “gayest movie ever made” and boy did he hit the nail on the head, with plenty of appearances by gays we love including Scott Thompson as Andy’s fumbling father, Graham Norton as a schoolteacher who, off-hours, maintains a sleazy, monstrously hung alter-ego dubbed Rodzilla, and Darryl Stephens of Noah’s Arc and Boy Culture as a sultry go-go boy. To boot, Nancy Sinatra contributes a perky original theme song, “Another Gay Sunshine Day,” and Stephens has in fact brought us the start of a whole new dawn in teen sex comedy! – LF

Also in this program: Rugburn
monday 20 nov_21:00 | pgm21 | imperial


Dead Boyz Don`t Scream

Marc Saltarelli | U.S.A. | 2006 | vidéo | 78 min | english

As the tag line suggests, “Male models should be seen… not heard!” The country’s top male models are turning up naked and dead during a cowboy mountain photo shoot. Who ...

would want to off such flawless, muscular pretty boys? They’re a little self-involved and clueless, but that’s no reason to take an axe to them, is it? Fearless agent Tess Oster and her forest ranger girlfriend, Belle Van Dyke, must stop the slaughter before there are (oh tragedy!) no more male models left to shoot! From the producer of Leather Jacket Love Story (image+nation 10) and crammed full of top models and centrefolds straight from the pages of those magazines you’ve been reading, Dead Boyz Don’t Scream is a hilariously over-the-top, sexy thrill ride through the dark side of male modeling. Filled with gratuitous nudity, politically incorrect violence and lesbians with guns, Dead Boys Don’t Scream just might be the guilty pleasure of this year’s Festival. – KS

Also in this program: Guy 101
saturday 25 nov_17:00 | pgm50 | imperial


Flirting with Anthony

Christian Calson | U.S.A. | 2006 | vidéo | 88 min | english

Prepare yourself for a visual race through a world of super-violence and tough gay love. Once a criminal, Anthony is now living in sort-of domestic bliss with Donna, his sort-of ...

girlfriend, and her queer younger brother. When Donna’s estranged father dies, she enlists Anthony to accompany her on a road trip home. Along the way, they encounter a bizarre roster of folks: a compassionate psychic, a pervert with no guts, a hooker or two, a whacked-out motel lady, a stranded drag act and an unhinged evangelical. As if things can’t get any stranger, Anthony’s past comes back to haunt him when Jack – who had saved him from a torturous gang retribution – appears to be stalking him across the country. Will romance finally catch up with Anthony or will the trip come to a bloody end? Fusing experimental and mainstream filming techniques, Flirting With Anthony is a genre-bending roller coaster ride, starting out as a horror movie, dipping into wacky road-trip territory and finishing with a touch of sentimental romance. In a film full of sex, violence and emotion, Calson investigates the borders of what we call “queer cinema,” challenging the viewers’ boundaries along the way.

Also in this program: Shades of Grey
sunday 19 nov_17:00 | pgm14 | imperial



Todd Verow | U.S.A. | 2005 | vidéo | 104 min | english

“Vacationland” is the slogan stamped on license plates in Maine. The latest feature from Todd Verow, director of the very memorable Frisk (image+nation 8) presents a Maine that tourists never ...

see. Set in mid-’80s Bangor, and inspired by his own teen years, Verow tells a story of gay lust in high-school between Joe (Brad Hallowell), a cute senior who dreams of attending art school and his best buddy, Andrew (Gregory J. Lucas), a football star. Joe has been edging his way out of the closet for some time, but Andrew is still “resolutely” straight. They both have girlfriends, but the charade is wearing thin. Unhappy at home, Joe moves in with an older gay man and becomes his caretaker and artist’s model. The boys continue to play hetero in public until the girlfriends decide to get these two boys to start playing with each other. Soon they’re taking “best friends” to a whole new level. As their relationship develops, they explore the local gay scene where old issues begin to surface. Verow is best known for his incendiary features, but Vacationland presents a more personal and tender side to his aesthetic. The scenes of Joe and Andrew’s budding erotic relationship are lovingly captured, full of the tension and longing that only first love can bring. An easy to digest treat, Vacationland is a succinct and touching tale of a friendship turning to passion at the edge of adulthood.
saturday 18 nov_15:00 | pgm09 | imperial


Hedwig and the Angry Inch

John Cameron Mitchell | U.S.A. | 2000 | 35mm | 88 min | english

Adapted from the critically acclaimed off-Broadway rock theatre hit, Hedwig and The Angry Inch tells the tale of an “internationally ignored” rock singer, Hedwig, and her search for stardom and ...

love. Born a boy named Hansel, whose life’s dream is to find his other half, Hedwig reluctantly submits to a sex change operation in order to marry an American G.I. and get over the Berlin Wall to freedom. The operation is botched, leaving her with the aforementioned “angry inch.” Finding herself high, dry and divorced in a Kansas trailer park, she pushes on to form a rock band and encounters a lover/protégé in young Tommy Gnosis (Michael Pitt’s breakthrough role), who eventually leaves her, steals her songs and becomes a huge rock star. A bitter yet witty Hedwig, with her pan-Slavic band, The Angry Inch, shadows Tommy’s stadium tour, performing in near-empty restaurants for bewildered diners and a few die-hard fans. Through a collage of songs, flash-backs and animation, Hedwig tells her life story while on a tour of chain strip-mall seafood restaurants, trying to capitalize on her tabloid celebrity as the supposed ex-lover of a famed rock star. Somewhere between the crab cakes and the cramped motel rooms, between the anguish and the acid-wash, she pursues her dreams and discovers the origin of love. A phenomenal musical extravaganza, now rivalling The Rocky Horror Picture Show for cult classic supremacy, Hedwig marked the directorial debut of John Cameron Mitchell, who wrote and stars in the film as the angry, yet absolutely lovely, Hedwig. – KS
friday 17 nov_23:30 | pgm05 | imperial


The Night Listener

Patrick Stettner | U.S.A. | 2006 | 35mm | 81 min | english

A quietly disturbing and effectively haunting little gem, The Night Listener is a psychological thriller based on the international bestselling novel by Armistead Maupin (Tales of the City, More Tales ...

of the City). The story revolves around a celebrated writer and popular late-night radio show host, Gabriel Noone (Robin Williams), who develops an intense phone relationship with a young listener named Pete (Rory Culkin) and his adopted social-worker mother (Toni Collette) just as his own domestic life is undergoing drastic changes. Gabriel soon comes to the startling realization that it is quite possible that neither the boy nor his painful account of his childhood really exist, causing his ordered existence to spin wildly out of control as he sets out on a harrowing journey to find the truth. Including the always stunning Sandra Oh (Grey’s Anatomy, Wilby Wonderful, image+nation 18) and Bobby Cannavale, The Night Listener traverses the shadowy regions between truth and fiction, thoughtfully exploring the myriad of games people play – on themselves as well as others – in the universal search for gratifying affection. – KS
saturday 25 nov_15:00 | pgm48 | imperial


Wrong Bathroom

Shani Heckman | U.S.A. | 2005 | vidéo | 11 min | english


Also in this program: Enough Man
monday 20 nov_17:00 | pgm19 | onf


Guess Who I Saw Today?

Abe Sylvia | U.S.A. | 2006 | vidéo | 4 min | english

A housewife tells her husband about an unexpected encounter in this musical rendering of a repressed marriage. ...

Also in this program: Cabaret
saturday 18 nov_12:30 | pgm06 | imperial



Bob Fosse | U.S.A. | 1972 | 35mm | 124 min | english

The curtain rises on the Kit Kat Club in Berlin, 1931, in the multiple Academy Award winning musical Cabaret. Amidst the decline of the Weimar Republic and the rise of ...

Nazism, aspiring actress Sally Bowles (a dazzling, effervescent Liza Minelli) meets the original ESL teacher, Brian Roberts (the matchlessly pretty Michael York), and become “strange and extraordinary” friends. Sally meets Maximilian von Heune (the dashing Helmut Griem) and Brian (with reservations) and Sally (with none) are bewitched, as a rapidly-deteriorating Germany becomes hypnotized by the Master Illusionist. Can Brian and Sally navigate their emotional, moral and sexual ambiguities to avoid exchanging one prison for another? Prepare anew to be “seduced in all directions” by this descendant of The Sound of Music – on “too much pills and liquor” – and its toe-tapping, wrist-snapping tunes, including Mein Herr and Money, Money. Broadway legend Bob Fosse, whose trademark cynical, sensual choreography continues to influence everyone from Madonna to Rob Marshall (Chicago), directs a musical adaptation of Christopher Isherwood’s memoir Goodbye to Berlin. Dive into “divine decadence,” “unusual love affairs” and the unbearable lightness of being Robert and Sally during our decidedly conservative times. Come join the cabaret! – BP

Also in this program: Guess Who I Saw Today?
saturday 18 nov_12:30 | pgm06 | imperial


In Memory of Me

Samantha Lavin | U.S.A. | 2006 | vidéo | 22 min | english

When a ghost from the past holds a woman’s future hostage, there’s nowhere to go but home… Sometimes what you’re looking for is the only thing you left behind. ...

Also in this program: Cosa Bella, Open, Titina, The Science of Love



Jenn Kao | U.S.A. | 2004 | 35mm | 23 min | english

In a post-apocalyptic society where people are isolated in sealed bunkers, a young woman confronts her fears of the unknown when she makes contact with an Outsider in this chillingly ...

beautiful and poignant film.

Also in this program: Four Windows (Vier Fenster)
sunday 26 nov_17:00 | pgm60 | imperial


Queer Spawn

Anna Buluda | U.S.A. | 2005 | vidéo | 30 min | english

How is it growing up with gay or lesbian parents? From New York to Texas, as well as during Family Week in Provincetown, teenagers and their parents candidly share their ...

experiences and insights.

Also in this program: Transparent
wednesday 22 nov_17:00 | pgm29 | onf


Shades of Grey

John Cleland | U.S.A. | 2006 | vidéo | 14 min | english

When his boyfriend is the victim of a hate crime, a young man decides to take justice into his own hands in this film about moral ambiguity in the face ...

of violence.

Also in this program: Flirting with Anthony
sunday 19 nov_17:00 | pgm14 | imperial


Sissy Frenchfry

JC Oliva | U.S.A. | 2005 | vidéo | 28 min | english

Starring Leslie Jordan as Principal Principle, the annual student body president election at West Beach High pits the quirky, much-beloved incumbent Sissy Frenchfry against Bodey McDodey, a handsome, charismatic and ...

socially intolerant transfer student with a devious plan to restore the status quo.

Also in this program: Night Swimming, Peking Turkey, Moi Pulpe, Sontag Morgen, Straight Boys


Straight Boys

Dave O’Brien | U.S.A. | 2006 | 35mm | 15 min | english

Ben thinks he’s found true love in Morgan, his college roommate. The only problem with this match made in heaven is, Morgan is straight. ...

Also in this program: Night Swimming, Peking Turkey, Moi Pulpe, Sissy Frenchfry, Sontag Morgen


Straight Boys

Dave O’Brien | U.S.A. | 2006 | 35mm | 15 min | english

Ben thinks he’s found true love in Morgan, his college roommate. The only problem with this match made in heaven is, Morgan is straight. ...

Also in this program: Bugcrush, Derniers mots, Guy 101, Man Seeking Man


Dante's Cove

Sam Irvin | U.S.A. | 2006 | vidéo | 175 min | english

The wonderfully decadent Dante’s Cove is set in a small coastal town in Southern California, and boasts a cast of eclectic characters – most of them skaters, surfers, and college ...

students. The good-looking young residents of the Hotel Dante are gay, lesbian, bi and straight, at a point in their lives when they are full of hopes and dreams, but also coming up against the harsh realities of daily survival. This bevy of sexy young queer residents are plunged into a world of intrigue, secrets and shifting romantic ties when their town’s sinister, supernatural past comes alive in this guilty television pleasure touted as the first LGBT gothic thriller. As one would expect, madness, murder, (lots of) sex, betrayal and very good television ensue. Continuing – if not embellishing upon – image+nation’s tradition of screening hard-to-find LGBT TV series, Dante’s Cove is plain and simple visual pleasure (or is it eye-candy?) with enough dramatic substance to keep your eyes glued to the screen and your senses satisfied. Leave your rigid cinephile hat at the door and enjoy a hedonistic moment of gratifying queer TV.
sunday 26 nov_13:00 | pgm56 | imperial



Todd Ahlberg | U.S.A. | 2006 | vidéo | 79 min | english

Todd Ahlberg’s Meth portrays the devastating effects of crystal meth abuse through interviews with twelve gay men, the majority of whom are in recovery – and a couple still hijacked ...

by tina’s waning thrall. A familiar narrative of addiction begins to emerge from them: greatly reduced inhibitions accompanied by feelings of euphoria, increased libido and invulnerability, which help many gay men cope with feelings of insecurity and low self-worth. As with most addictions, however, increasing amounts of crystal meth are required to achieve rapidly diminishing highs – accompanied by frightening, pervasive side effects including diarrhoea and paranoid delusions – and permanent alteration of brain chemistry. Its most powerful sequences feature Ryan, an articulate and handsome 30-year old addict and dealer, and his mother (who is apparently unaware that he’s still selling and using), highlighting the addictive power of crystal meth, and how it confounds his ability to make lasting and real changes in his life. Ahlberg delivers the unvarnished truth about tina, allowing his interviewees to address all aspects of addiction in a detailed and frank manner. - BP

Also in this program: Rock Bottom: Gay Men and Meth
sunday 26 nov_14:30 | pgm57 | de sève


Man Seeking Man

Matti Harju | Finland | 2004 | vidéo | 11 min | finish | s-t. a


Also in this program: Bugcrush, Derniers mots, Guy 101, Straight Boys


Oublier Cheyenne

Valérie Minetto | France | 2006 | 35mm | 87 min | french | s-t. a

Blonde, svelt and successful science teacher Sonia (Aurelia Petit), is devastated when her darkly charismatic lover Cheyenne (Mila Dekker) abandons her after losing her job in journalism. Disillusioned and unable ...

to pay for rent and utilities, Cheyenne decides to live off “the system,” and joins the misanthropic Edith in the countryside. Shattered, Sonia distracts herself with bad girl Beatrice (Guilaine Londez), and delectably sweet anarchist, Pierre (French heart-throb Malik Zidi), but neither disrupt her chemically erotic bond to Cheyenne – nor Cheyenne’s for Sonia. Miserable over Beatrice’s neglect and the resignation of her closest colleague at work, Sonia drives off to retrieve Cheyenne – with unexpected consequences. Valerie Minetto’s ambitious first movie explores the social realities of galloping unemployment in contemporary France, and the pressure it exerts on interpersonal relationships. An edgy script reminiscent of mid-career Woody Allen is complemented by solid performances and naturalistic cinematography. Minetto elegantly portrays how the systems that sustain people also stifle them. As sexual passion and political principle vie for pole position, she asks: Can love still conquer all in the City of (dimming, it would seem) Lights? – BP

Also in this program: Gueule de princesse
sunday 26 nov_19:00 | pgm62 | imperial


Ma saison super 8

Franck Guérin | France | 2005 | vidéo | 74 min | french

Paris, early 1970s. After his pederasty committee went belly-up in May ’68 during the student occupation of the Sorbonne university, Marc, a young student, is dealing with the joys and ...

agonies of being gay. Meanwhile, Julie, his best friend, is becoming more and more deeply involved in the feminist movement and wants to establish a dialogue with the working class. Together against a repressive society, the two friends tackle numerous challenges before finally standing up to hets and cops by uniting two struggles for the first time: gay rights and women’s rights. A highly improbable radio show about the problem of homosexuality kindles the fires of passion and marks the first step of an unforgettable political and sexual adventure… A film freely inspired by the story of FHAR, the Front Homosexuel d’Action Révolutionnaire, and dedicated to its two leaders, Françoise d’Eaubonne and Guy Hocquenghem, Ma Saison super 8 is a touching testimony of an important moment of contemporary French history.

Also in this program: Jean Genet in Chicago
wednesday 22 nov_17:00 | pgm28 | imperial


One Night Stand:Pour une nuit

Émilie Jouvet | France | 2006 | vidéo | 80 min | french | s-t. a

If you want it to taste just right, make it yourself. That’s what young queer French director and photographer Émilie Jouvet did… and she has excellent tastes indeed! The result? ...

Pour une nuit : One-Night Stand, a groundbreaking queer sex-art piece also known as the first dyke/boi porn ever made in France. Pour une nuit : One Night Stand is made up of five sexy short scenes, each one an erotic fantasy story come to life in the hands (among other things) of two real live queers. Each participant chose a partner and discussed their erotic fantasies prior to filming, but the events unfold naturally, as though the camera weren’t even in the room. Jouvet’s players delve into sexual practices as varied as the queer community itself. Gender, play and practice are stirred together with unbridled chemistry to create a dizzying and delectable feast of sex, passion and desire. Pour une nuit : One-Night Stand is an erotic and provocative porn banquet that will leave you hungry for more. – AZ

Also in this program: Transgender Express
thursday 23 nov_21:00 | pgm37 | onf


Gueule de princesse

Pépita Mars | France | 2006 | vidéo | 5 min | french | s-t. a

Who says there isn’t a toad out there for us lesbians to kiss and transform into the perfect woman? ...

Also in this program: Oublier Cheyenne
sunday 26 nov_19:00 | pgm62 | imperial


Un jour d`été (A Summer Day)

Franck Guérin | France | 2006 | 35mm | 94 min | french | s-t. a

After a teenage boy dies in a freak soccer accident, his best friend works his way into the bereaved family, all the while penetrating deeper into the secrets of the ...

community where pain, sorrow and envy lay just below the surface, in this subtle, meticulous and increasingly complex debut film. The impossibly cute Sebastien lives and works with his garage-mechanic father, a widower. He's long been best friends with the cockily self-assured Michael, who comes from a well-to-do family. The pair is intermittently chummy with Francis, the keen-to-please son of the harassed local mayor. All three are clearly still in the transition between youth and adulthood - dealing with issues of identity and sexuality as they consider their futures. But when Michael dies - in what initially seems like a freak accident - the shock waves extend beyond his bereaved family and friends, leading to a series of shocking actions – by nearly everyone involved – as they grapple with their grief, guilt and anger. Destined to be the most talked about and hotly debated film this year, Un jour d’été is not your average LGBT film …boundaries are blurred, labels are eliminated and the story takes on numerous emotional challenges. A must see!
friday 24 nov_17:00 | pgm39 | imperial



Timothy Smith | U.K. | 2005 | vidéo | 7 min | english

A neo-Nazi skinhead is apprehended after attacking two black teens, but things may not be as black and white as they seem! ...

Also in this program: Gas
thursday 23 nov_19:00 | pgm35 | imperial


Guy 101

Ian W. Gouldstone | U.K. | 2005 | vidéo | 9 min | english

Some of the most interesting tales are told via online chats in this innovative animated tale that will keep you guessing and leave you cautious about logging on. ...

Also in this program: Dead Boyz Don`t Scream
saturday 25 nov_17:00 | pgm50 | imperial


Guy 101

Ian W. Gouldstone | U.K. | 2005 | vidéo | 9 min | english

Some of the most interesting tales are told via online chats in this innovative animated tale that will keep you guessing and leave you cautious about logging on. ...

Also in this program: Bugcrush, Derniers mots, Man Seeking Man, Straight Boys



Mark Chapman | U.K. | 2005 | vidéo | 9 min | english

Older is an unusual, disquieting drama focusing on a day in the life of an ailing older man. ...

Also in this program: Do I Look Fat?
friday 24 nov_17:00 | pgm40 | onf


Can You Take It?

Justine Morris | U.K. | 2005 | vidéo | 20 min | english

A girl finds herself in a world of confusion and loneliness when she realizes she’s different in this stunningly unique short. ...

Also in this program: Loving Annabelle
saturday 18 nov_19:30 | pgm11 | imperial


The Line of beauty

Saul Dibb | U.K. | 2006 | vidéo | 180 min | english

A tale of love, class, sex and money in the Thatcherite eighties, this three-episode drama was adapted by award-winning scriptwriter Andrew Davies (Tipping the Velvet, image+nation 16) from Alan Hollinghurst’s ...

Man Booker Prize-winning novel. Framed by two general elections that returned the Conservatives to power, The Line of Beauty is a richly textured film of powerful emotions and social commentary. Stylish and witty, it is an outsider’s story of a journey into the world of the social elite. Nick Guest (the compelling Dan Stevens) is an openly gay middle-class young man with a taste for art, antiques and Henry James who joins his Oxford class mate Toby Feddon (Oliver Coleman) at his London home. Nick has been invited in order to watch over Toby’s volatile manic-depressive sister Catherine (Hayley Atwell). Pleased with his care of Catherine, her parents ask him to stay on as a guest lodger. Seduced by the lifestyle of a wealthy Tory MP’s (Tim McInnerny as Gerald Feddon) family, Nick is soon an integral part of the household. Complications arise when Nick falls in love with Leo (Don Gilet), who lives with his church-going mother, leaving them with no bed to go home to. Soon, deception is wearing away at the civilized façade of the privileged life Nick is living – and that deception will ultimately end up leading to tragedy. The Line of Beauty is a richly textured coming-of-age story set against the backdrop of a ruthless decade, bristling with emotion, drama and social commentary.
sunday 19 nov_13:00 | pgm13 | imperial


Shabnam Mousi

Yogesh Bhardwaj | India | 2005 | 35mm | 150 min | hindi | s-t. a

After her clan mother Halima (an iridescent Vijay Raaz) is killed in a freak accident, Shabnam (an utterly compelling Ashutosh Rana) is accused of her murder by the endlessly-scheming clan ...

head Amma (Vishwajeet Pradhan), forcing Shabnam to flee the only home she’s ever known among a community of hijras (eunuchs) for a small village in Madhya Pradesh under the malicious control of politician Ratan Babu (Govind Namdeo). Babu’s rival Vinod (a sinister Ashok Samarth) encourages a reluctant Shabnam to run for his seat. Can Shabnam marshal her considerable resources and experiences with betrayal and prejudice to navigate the Faustian political landmines that might backfire – and still have time for infectious (if kitschy) Bollywood-style song-and-dance routines? Inspired by the real-life story of India’s first elected hijra MP, Yogesh Bhardwaj’s brave and crazy Shabnam Mousi provides a compassionate and vivid portrait of a misunderstood but vibrant society in transition, elegantly capturing the issues and nuances of their lived realities. Balancing the melodramatic imperatives of a Bollywood hit with a moving, poetic script, Bhardwaj’s film reflects the growing power of hijras who only won the right to vote in 1994. – BP
monday 20 nov_14:00 | pgm17 | imperial



Lucky Kuswandi | Indonesia | 2005 | vidéo | 15 min | no dialogue

Visually haunting, Still chronicles a young man’s coming-of-age experience running away from home. Tracing the physical and emotional landscapes of a troubled soul, the film moves towards self-discovery, acceptance and ...


Also in this program: The Masseur (Masahista)
friday 17 nov_21:30 | pgm04 | imperial


Good Boys (Yeladim tovim)

Yair Hochner | Israel | 2005 | vidéo | 75 min | hebrew | s.-t. a

In this profound, lusty Israeli feature, two young hustlers who spend a night together discover an intimacy they never found in their job. 17-year-old Meni, who loves movies and music, ...

hustles in Tel Aviv. So does Tal. One evening, a voyeuristic john enlists the pair to have sex together. Easy enough, right? But the experience proves to be more than just a simple trick: it stirs up feelings between Meni and Tal. They decide to meet again the next day – but that promising tomorrow could prove a challenge to get through. Stirring and sexy, with an undeniable depth, Good Boys was written and directed by Yair Hochner, a high-school film teacher and film critic for Israel’s “Seret” cinema website. His obsession with cinema permeates every frame, with nods to and inspiration from Jean-Luc Godard’s “My Life to Live,” Gus Van Sant’s “My Own Private Idaho,” Catherine Breillat, and even John Waters (Waters fans take note – Meni’s adoptive mother is a transsexual prostitute, played with campy verve by Israeli diva Gila Goldstein). With its attractive cast’s dedicated performances, strong scripting and sublime direction, Good Boys indicates that Hochner may soon be sharing the same table as those auteurs. – LF

Also in this program: Vaguement romantique
tuesday 21 nov_21:30 | pgm26 | imperial


Paper Dolls (Bubot Niyar)

Tomer Heymann | Israel/Switzerland | 2006 | 35mm | 80 min | hebrew/tagalog | s-t. a

Meet Chiqui, Cheska, Sally, Jan, and Giorgio, a group of optimistic immigrants from the Philippines who have come to Tel Aviv seeking a better life. By day, they care for ...

the elderly in a traditional Jewish Orthodox community, creating strong bonds with their charges. But one night a week, at small venues around town, they transform themselves into stars: The PAPER DOLLS. Embraced and accepted by the Filipino community in liberal-minded Tel Aviv, unfortunately, they still find it’s not always easy to present their alternative gender expression, nor their performance. They try to live happily and freely in a community that, at best, simply tolerates them. Caught between cultures, traditions, and genders, they work at jobs most of other citizens don’t want to do. They are often threatened by racists, regularly misunderstood by their neighbors, and are on guard against deportation each day. But, as Tomer Heymann grants us privileged access in his wonderful documentary, the troupe always finds a way to add a bit of fabulousness to their lives.
thursday 23 nov_17:00 | pgm34 | onf



Luciano Melchionna | Italy | 2006 | 35mm | 110 min | italian | s-t. a

A narratively splintered tale of murder and revenge, Gas shares much with the 70s classic, A Clockwork Orange in its examination of violence and the poetic mania that can sometimes ...

be a product of boredom, ennui and a penchant for inflicting pain. From unstable backgrounds, six young people, between twenty and thirty, are veritable walking time-bombs, and we are enraptured spectators to their gradual sink into a moral quagmire – selecting innocent victims to vent their confused feelings on through a series of sadistic, hurtful games. Luca, the new kid in the group who’s in deep thought about his sexuality, has a secret: revenge. But is Luca the killer or is he the avenger? Gas’s structural gamesmanship harkens back to a more adventurous era in cinema, when characters could be sexy and morally corrupt – with redemption not a foregone conclusion. Co-writer and director, Luciano Melchionna has deftly crafted a film that takes us to emotional and moral highs and lows without ever letting us forget we’re on one hell of a thrilling ride.

Also in this program: Attack
thursday 23 nov_19:00 | pgm35 | imperial


Broken Sky (El Cielo dividido)

Julian Hernández | Mexico | 2005 | 35mm | 140 min | spanish | s-t. a

Julian Hernández, writer-director of the award-winning A Thousand Clouds of Peace reprises his unique and sensual cinematic vision with the stunningly gorgeous and deeply moving Broken Sky. Set in Mexico ...

City, the film introduces two beautiful and amorous college boys, Gerardo and Jonas. Their seemingly perfect young love is filled with passionate sex and blissful romance. However, one night at a club, Jonas hooks up with another boy, Bruno, whom he can’t get out of his head. This leaves Gerardo heartbroken, and he later begins an affair with Sergio, the college’s sexy, brooding maintenance man. Although Gerardo and Jonas are still in love, they are now faced with the challenge of defining and accepting the next stage of their relationship. Broken Sky moves at a languid pace, embellishing the contemplative, hypnotic and anguished qualities of love in both bloom and doom. With exquisite cinematography, minimal dialogue and spare voice-over narration, Hernández choreographs his actors like dancers, communicating through an exchange of looks, gestures and movements. Their silences and the ambient noise of the film add another rich emotional dimension. Hernández’s bold approach to filmmaking is unyielding to tradition – the power of his aesthetics, his attention to detail and the film’s lyrical pacing enhance the eroticism, intense longing and romance in this modern-day story of two boys in love. Broken Sky is a haunting and visually stunning film that charts the intoxicating and alluring nature of sexual expression, the intensity of new found love and affection, and the devastating emotions one experiences when love looks the other way. – SF
friday 24 nov_21:15 | pgm43 | imperial


Adam and Eve (Adán y Eva)

Iván Avila Dueñas | Mexico | 2004 | 35mm | 100 min | spanish | s-t. a

In the traditional version of the story, Adam and Eve are banished from the Garden of Eden after they have eaten from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, ...

but not from the Tree of Life. Adam and Eve rethinks this story: What if Adam and Eve were subject to everlasting life? The horrors of a life that never ends have, of course, been explored before; take the ever-popular vampire film as an example. While vampires exude a glamorous, rockstar quality, they are still, however, the “undead.” Adam and Eve are not so much “undead” as they are “neverdead” – and the mundaneness of it all is killing them. Their complete disinterest in the world is poignant and as the story begins, we find them living out imposed gender roles via their sexuality. Eve works as a prostitute and is entirely numb to the beatings and torture she encounters while Adam fucks everything that moves to no satisfaction. Eventually, the tale of this pair (they are by no means a couple, despite – or due to – their spending eternity together) takes on a menacing nihilism. With no context for their timeless actions, exploitation and killing become nothing more than simple occurrences to them. Adam and Eve provides a mirror in which we see, in immortal negative, the moral, emotional and spiritual consequences of our own, very mortal actions. Emotionally threatening though it is, Adam and Eve is a powerfully moving film that perhaps surprisingly, even makes the spirit soar. – SF
thursday 23 nov_17:00 | pgm33 | imperial



Jo Gell & Robyn Paterson | New Zealand/U.S.A. | 2006 | vidéo | 8 min | english

Shot in one day with a budget of the $24.99 it cost to buy a disposable video camera, this innovative and exceptionally beautiful short speaks of expendable love in our ...

throw-away commercial culture.

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saturday 18 nov_21:30 | pgm12 | imperial


The Masseur (Masahista)

Brillante Mendoza | Philippines | 2005 | 35mm | 80 min | tagalog | s-t. a

The lines between funeral and massage parlours become increasingly blurred for 20-year-old erotic masseur Iliac (the beautiful and sculpted Coco Martin) as he juggles all kinds of crises at home ...

and in his personal life. A masseur at Maharlika, a male massage parlour in Manila, Iliac meets a calculating, emotionally abusive and stingy pulp fiction writer named Alfredo (Macho Dancer’s Allan Paule) during a slow night. Shortly thereafter, he returns home to attend his father’s funeral, an alcoholic and promiscuous man – and deal with complex and strained familial relationships. As Mendoza alternates between scenes of bodies at rest and work, Iliac’s search for a meaningful relationship with Alfredo begins to dangerously echo his non-existent relationship with his father. Can Iliac use his charm, feigned innocence and good looks to attract the love he desires so desperately? Brillante Mendoza’s award-winning feature The Masseur takes us back to Lino Brocka’s Macho Dancer territory. He deftly explores how love and sex become quickly commercialized, as both material and spiritual poverty leave individuals with limited options in this broodingly sexy masterpiece. – BP

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friday 17 nov_21:30 | pgm04 | imperial


Stray Cats (Pusang gala)

Ellen Ongkeko-Marfil | Philippines | 2006 | 35mm | 115 min | tagalog | s.-t. a

Art imitates life as a landlord and romance novelist plagiarizes his fag-hag-cum-tenant’s life for plotlines for his pulp romances in yet another audacious drama from the Philippines. Boyet (Ricky Davao) ...

and Marta (Irma Adlawan) share more than just a wall; both are waiting for commitment from the men in their lives, both are long-suffering, and both are eternal optimists with a robust appetite for romance – with active imaginations! And both have found in each other a unique family that includes Boyet’s adoptive son Jojo (AlChris Galura), a reformed petty thief and his financially-dependant and manipulative lover, the appropriately-named Dom (hunky Lauren Novero). Meanwhile, apparently independent and liberated advertising executive Marta finds herself waiting for her scrumptious boyfriend Steve (Reggie Curley) to grow up. Ellen Ongkeko-Marfil’s Stray Cats won the prestigious $10,000 First Feature Award at San Francisco’s Frameline Festival, and is credited with rejuvenating the Filipino film industry almost overnight. Generously littered with mesmerizing erotic scenes and touching moments, Stray Cats juxtaposes fantasy with reality in alternately disturbing yet uplifting ways that allow Boyet and Marta to grow beyond their stereotypical characterizations. Dazzling cinematography and a poignantly touching story make Stray Cats a heart-felt treat. – BP
tuesday 21 nov_17:00 | pgm23 | imperial


Love Sick (Legaturi Bolnavicioase)

Tudor Giurgiu | Romania | 2006 | 35mm | 85 min | romanian | s-t. a

Idealistic and studious Alexandra (Ioana Barbu) meets the beautiful, cosmopolitan yet fragile Kiki (Maria Popistasu, BAFTA award-winner for the UK miniseries, Sex Traffic) in the oppressively drab, polluted and stale ...

Bucharest where they are university students. As their edgy friendship erupts into all-consuming love, Kiki’s ambiguous reliance on the moody and vulnerable Sandu (played with a scalding intensity by Tudor Chirils) becomes increasingly ominous. Alexandra and Kiki abandon Bucharest for an idyllic summer in Alexandra’s tiny hamlet. Amidst profound late-night philosophical debates about different kinds of love, they gently and subtly examine their beliefs about their relationship. However, the sudden and violent arrival of Sandu challenges the stability of the young women’s fledgling passion. Love Sick is Romania’s first lesbian movie. Director Tudor Giurgiu contrasts idealism with reality, modernity with tradition, and rural simplicity with urbanity to relate a country’s complex coming-of-age with Alexandra and Kiki’s first love – and loss. A daring interpretation of Romanian novelist Cecilia Stefanescu’s critical success, Giurgiu’s controversial sophomore effort confidently explores a multi-faceted love triangle, leaving the audience at liberty to draw their own conclusions about the fundamental lawlessness of love. – BP

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wednesday 22 nov_21:00 | pgm32 | onf



Sylvie Cachin | Switzerland | 2004 | vidéo | 25 min | french | s-t.a

A beautiful woman is on a quest for self-identity in this evocative and languid film with a surrealistic twist. ...

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Transgender Express

Laure Schwartz | Switzerland | 2006 | vidéo | 11 min | french

The filmmaker travels into space in 2017 on a mission to reactivate a human gender that’s in danger of extinction after a Silicone War ravaged the Earth in 2008. ...

Also in this program: One Night Stand:Pour une nuit
thursday 23 nov_21:00 | pgm37 | onf


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