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focus 2006
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A Song-and-Dance-Routine: image+nation honours the Musical

Is there anything gayer than a musical? Probably not. This year, image+nation’s song-and-dance routine is literally that – and with aplomb! We have amassed a delightful selection films that all – in very unique and accomplished ways –manipulate the musical genre. The remarkable, Colma: the Musical captures the ennui of suburb teen life through poignant (and catchy) lyrics that eloquently express the complexities of young adulthood. Shabnam Mousi recounts the compelling real-life-story of a hijra (eunuch), Shabnam, who ran for a seat in the Indian parliament with a Bollywood flair. Resurrected from the queer cinema vault, we are pleased to bring the classic, Cabaret to the big screen as well as the younger (but no less classic), Hedwig and the Angry Inch. Rounding out our Focus, Pick Up the Mic is a riveting documentary on the queer hip hop movement and our 19th edition closes with an elaborate number, 20 Centimetres, one of the most astonishing, innovative and heart-warming films you’re likely to see anytime soon.

20 Centimetres (20 Centimetros)
Colma : the Musical
Shabnam Mousi
Pick Up the Mic
Hedwig and the Angry Inch

+ shorts
In Deep Skin
Guess Who I Saw Today?
It Takes 2 to Tango

en español: Spanish and Mexican Film Focus

Image+nation 19 is muy caliente! From our spectacular opening film, Reinas (Queens) to the eye-popping musical extravaganza that closes the Festival, 20 Centimetres we are pleased to present a record number of Spanish language films this year. All decidedly different in tone, our Focus features remarkable works from Spain and Mexico. Electroshock chronicles the painful journey of one lesbian in Spain during the Franco era, Adam and Eve is an innovative and incredible film that poses the question: “What if Adam and Eve were subjected to eternal life?” and our second Mexican entry, Broken Sky represents some of the most innovative and compelling new filmmaking we have come across in years.

Reinas (Queens)
20 Centimetres (20 Centimetros)
Law of Desire
Adam and Eve (Adán y Eva)
Broken Sky

Transformations: Focus on Trans Identities

An explosive trend in LGBT filmmaking over the past 7 years, representations of transsexuality and transgenderism have proliferated at an incredible pace. The stories told are rich, varied and decidedly unapologetic. Smashing fixed gender/sex categories in favour of self-determination and self-identification, these stories move beyond the need for affirmation into the confident territory of actualization. “Transformations” this year highlights documentaries, presenting three stellar works that explore the problematics and pleasures of transitioning from female to male. Boy I Am and Enough Man interrogate all aspects of the process, from the person to the political. From graphic (and very hot!) depictions of sex play to feminist critiques of the F-to-M phenomenon, these documentaries are essential viewing. And rounding out the triad, the film Transparent asks the compelling question: “What happens when Mommy becomes Daddy?”

Boy I Am
Enough Man
Transgender Express
Pour une nuit: One Night Stand

Generation Q

With voices that echo proudly through the spaces of our cultural communities, LGBT youth are making their identities visible and audible in no uncertain terms. Again this year, image+nation celebrates the brash and bold works made by and for LGBT youth. The universe of growing up has expanded and the productions featured in our programming reflect this. At times light-hearted and humorous and at others darkly disturbing, the features, documentaries and shorts included this year offer a wide spectrum of perspectives and experiences on what it means to be young and queer in the 21st century.

Fat Girls
Eating Out 2: Sloppy Seconds
Loving Annabelle
Colma: the Musical
Boy I Am
Ma saison super 8
Whispering Moon
Pick Up the Mic
Tan Lines
Broken Sky
+ Generation Q shorts

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Reinas (Queens)

Manuel Gomez Pereira | Spain | 2005 | 35mm | 107 min | spanish | s-t. a

Three days in Madrid, four gay marriages (potentially), five mothers-in-law (prospectively) – and not a funeral in sight! Argentinian superstar Betiana Blum, and a bevy of Almodovar alumni (Verónica Forqué, ...

Carmen Maura, Marisa Paredes and Mercedes Sampietro) reprise their roles as feisty and fierce women on the verge of a nervous breakthrough that went AWOL in Spanish cinema. Future in-laws revisit their neurotic dating “n” mating habits and histories upon their hapless offspring, as enemies become friends, and unusual attractions form in this hilarious cinematic quadrille. Meanwhile, the gorgeous but harried grooms find their relationships challenged by their badly-behaved parents, as pre-wedding jitters set in. But how ever will Marilina find her way home? Director Manuel Gómez Pereira teams up with screenwriter Joaquin Oristrell (director of last year’s closing film, Inconscientes) to deliver another delightfully queer melodramedy from Spain – with a hint of Amores Perros for good measure! An exuberant celebration of Spain’s hard-won gay marriage rights, Reinas still deftly explores class and prejudice in this comedy of contemporary manners, mores and premarital mayhem. A bouncy soundtrack coupled with chaotic flashback sequences make Reinas a spectacular film and an exquisite opening to image+nation 19. – BP
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Also in this program: The Saddest Boy in the World
thursday 16 nov_20:00 | pgm01 | imperial


The Saddest Boy in the World

Jamie Travis | Canada | 2006 | 35mm | 14 min | english

Nine-year-old Timothy Higgins, picked last for the team, friendless and suffering the worst birthday party ever, is the saddest boy in the world. Watch as Timothy prepares for a show-stopping ...

suicide in this remarkable short from a Canadian filmmaker to watch.
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Also in this program: Reinas (Queens)
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20 Centimetros (20 Centimetres)

Ramón Salazar | Spain | 2006 | 35mm | 113 min | spanish | s-t. a

Sleeping Beauty with a musical twist and lavish song-and-dance numbers in three languages! Narcoleptic, pre-operative transsexual Marieta (Mónica Cervera in a bravura performance), walks the streets of Madrid, earning the ...

cash to subsidize her dream of surgical transformation. More than anything, Marieta wants to lose those pesky-but-eye-popping 20 centimeters (you do the math), which enthrall her clients but remain an obstacle to full womanhood. Marieta shares her destitute but dignified existence with the endlessly-scheming but loyal Tomas (Miguel O’Dogherty), and Berta (Concha Galan), a single mother involved in sinister shenanigans. She is swept into a torrid affair with the dreamy, sweetly macho Raul (the generously-endowed Pablo Pujol in a breathtaking bathroom scene), after he rescues her from a narcoleptic fit. His acceptance of Marieta – imposing appendage notwithstanding – causes her confusion as his love vies with her search for self-fulfillment. Ramón Salazar’s rip-roaring romp through Pedro Almodovar territory alternates heartbreak with hilarity, helplessness with hope and raunch with romance in a uniquely Hispanic remodelling of Hedwig and the Angry Inch. Ingenuously and irreverently referencing everything from Jacques Demy’s Les parapluies de Cherbourg to Michael Jackson’s Thriller, 20 Centimetres also features a poignant cameo from Almodovar alumnus Rossy de Palma as Marieta’s fellow sex-trade worker, “La Frio.” A story about the passionate quest for love and the need for completion, 20 Centimetres is a filmic extravaganza like none you have experienced. - BP
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